How to Deactivate Airtel Payments Bank Fastag – Surrender Online

For making the toll transactions at the toll plazas having a Fastag is a must for every four-wheeler vehicle. Without Fastag you won’t be able to pay toll tax at the toll plazas. Fastag was started in India to solve the toll-related problems that vehicle owners have to face at the toll plazas on the … Read more

Documents Required for Airtel Payments Bank FASTag

Documents Required for Allahabad Bank FASTag

There are many big highways built in our country on which the number of vehicles passing daily is increasing day by day. It has been becoming difficult for the Government to keep a check on the large number of vehicles crossing through these highways. The government has made toll plaza in all cities across the … Read more

How to Activate Blacklisted Airtel Payments Bank Fastag

How to Activate Blacklisted Airtel Payments Bank Fastag

What is Airtel Payments Bank Fastag Blacklist? Reasons of Blacklisted Airtel Payments Bank Fastag Removing and re-activating Blacklisted Airtel Payments Bank Fastag Airtel Payments Bank Fastag Blacklisted FAQs FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India run by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). Under this, toll payment is made directly from the … Read more

How to Recharge NETC Airtel Payments Bank Fastag through Google Pay – Step by Step Guide

Airtel Payments Bank Fastag through Google Pay

Documents required for Creating Fastag Using Google Pay Benefits of Using Google Pay Fastag How to buy Fastag from Google Pay How to recharge Fastag using Google Pay Due to problems of collection of toll at toll plazas on the National Highways of India, the Fastag system has been introduced. With the help of Fastag, … Read more

List of Payment Apps using UPI IDs in Banks Across India

If you do online shopping or any other type of online transaction then you must have heard about the UPI which stands for ‘Unified Payment Interface. With the help of UPI, anyone can easily and quickly send money from his/her bank account to any other bank account from their mobile phone. With the help of … Read more

Fastag for Return Journey – How Two Way Trip Charges Calculated

Fastag for Return Journey -charges

Nowadays there are good highways and roads across the country. These roads are made by the Government in collaboration with private companies. In order to cover up the costs of making these highways, the Government charges fees as toll fees from vehicles owners who cross these highways. Earlier the toll fees were paid through cash, … Read more