How To Use Fastag To Pay Parking Fees

Fastag was mainly launched as an electronic Toll Collection system by NHAI in 2014. It was made necessary for all four-wheeler vehicles in 2021 to pay the toll tax only through Fastag. There are dedicated lanes at the Toll plazas and the four-wheeler vehicle owners have to enter these Fastag lanes to make the cashless … Read more

ICICI Bank Fastag Recharge Online by Google Pay, iMobile Pay,Phonepe, Paytm, and Without Login Guide

ICICI Bank Fastag Recharge Online

Fastag is a technology launched by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and operated by the National Highways Authority of India. This RFID i.e Radio Frequency Identification based technology makes your traveling through four-wheeler vehicles on highways in India very easy because you can pay at the toll plazas without cash payment and no … Read more

List of Payment Apps using UPI IDs in Banks Across India

If you do online shopping or any other type of online transaction then you must have heard about the UPI which stands for ‘Unified Payment Interface. With the help of UPI, anyone can easily and quickly send money from his/her bank account to any other bank account from their mobile phone. With the help of … Read more

How to Transfer Fastag Ownership from one user to Another User, Airtel Account, Paytm User, Mobile Number, Bank Account

How to Transfer Fastag Ownership from one user to Another

What is a Fastag Since 15 Feb 2021, the payment of Toll tax at the Toll plazas is completely cashless and you can now make the toll fees electronically with help of a new device known as Fastag. Fastag is a new electronic device that can be purchased from many banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI … Read more

How to Check Online ICICI Bank Fastag Balance

How to Check Online ICICI Bank Fastag Balance

FASTag is a prepaid rechargeable tag service for automatic payment of tolls on toll plazas across India. This tag not only saves the driver’s time but also ensures that every vehicle passing through the toll to be scanned and recorded. Whenever a vehicle passes the electronic toll collection lane of the toll plaza, the toll … Read more

How to Download ICICI Bank Fastag Statement and Transaction History Online

How to Download ICICI Bank Fastag Statement Online

If you own a Four wheeler vehicle, then you must have a Fastag device installed on the windscreen of your vehicle to make the automatic toll payment at the toll plazas. When you cross a toll plaza and toll payment is deducted from your Fastag account, then a message is sent to your registered mobile … Read more

How To Change ICICI Bank Fastag Account Mobile Number


After 15 Feb, Fastag was made compulsory by NHAI for every four-wheeler vehicle in order to make the toll payment at the toll plazas. In this article, we will explain how to change ICICI Fastag mobile number. When we apply a Fastag from any mobile payment service like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, or any bank … Read more

How to Deactivate/Close ICICI Bank Fastag – Surrender Online

How to Deactivate ICICI Bank Fastag

For making the toll transactions at the toll plazas having a Fastag is a must for every four-wheeler vehicle. Without Fastag you won’t be able to pay toll tax at the toll plazas. Fastag was started in India to solve the toll-related problems that vehicle owners have to face at the toll plazas on the … Read more

ICICI Bank Fastag Recharge Cashback Offers for New and Existing Customers

Fastag is a device that allows you to make the toll payment at the toll plazas electronically. With the help of the Fastag device enabled on your vehicle, you can enter and exit the toll plaza through exclusive lanes without having to stop in order to make the toll payment. Fastag device is pasted on … Read more

ICICI Bank Fastag KYC Form PDF Download – How to update online

ICICI Bank Fastag KYC – How to update online

In this article, we will know about ICICI Bank Fastag KYC. What is a KYC, Where is it required, and how to update ICICI Bank Fastag KYC and lot more. Completing and updating KYC will not harm you in any way, although it will give you some additional benefits by completing KYC and you will … Read more

Make Fuel Payment through ICICI Bank Fastag at HPCL and IOCL outlets

For the last some time, Fastag has benefitted four-wheeler vehicle owners in many ways. For example, it has shortened the time of Toll payment at the toll plazas because with the help of Fastag the toll fees are paid automatically and the vehicle owners don’t have to wait in the queues. Apart from making the … Read more

How to Get Fastag in Urgently a single Day – Buy Fastag Immediately

How to Get Fastag in Urgently a single Day

FASTag is a tag that is used at toll plazas as a digital method of toll collection. Fastag has been made mandatory by NHAI for all vehicles which pass through Toll plazas on National Highways of India. While traveling through National Highways, Fastag is compulsory because any vehicle which crosses a toll plaza without Fastag … Read more