How to Check FASTag Balance in Google Pay

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways came up with a new system to avoid queues at the toll plazas. This system was originated in the year 2014 in few major cities of India and is was named Fastag. Fastag is an electronic toll collection system that makes it easy to pay toll taxes at the … Read more

How to Transfer Fastag Ownership from one user to Another

What is a Fastag Since 15 Feb 2021, the payment of Toll tax at the Toll plazas is completely cashless and you can now make the toll fees electronically with help of a new device known as Fastag. Fastag is a new electronic device that can be purchased from many banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI … Read more

How to File a Complaint for Fastag – NHAI Mobile No, Email id

Fastag is an electronic device that has made it very easy for vehicle owners to pay toll tax at the Toll plazas in India. Because there is absolutely no manual work involved in making the toll payment through Fastgag, vehicle owners can commute through the National Highways of India quickly. Fastag users come across various … Read more

How to Reset SBI Bank Fastag Password

Fastag is a device that helps you to pay toll fees automatically at the toll plazas any time without any need to stop your vehicle. With Fastag you can circulate between any toll plazas in India and enjoy the hassle-free journey because there is no manual work involved while making toll payments through Fastag. The … Read more

How to find Fastag Customer ID using Vehicle Number

Fastag is a Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) enabled device that is pasted on the windshield of four-wheeler vehicles and it has been made compulsory by NHAI from 16 Feb 2021 to pay the toll payment at all the toll plazas in India. So since 16 Feb 2021, all toll plazas will collect the toll … Read more

How to Login SBI Bank Fastag Account – Individual & Agent Login

To get rid of long lines of vehicles at toll plazas for paying toll fees and to save time and fuel, NHAI developed a new system of paying toll tax which is an electronic system and is known as Fastag. Fastag has been started throughout India at all the toll plazas. After the implementation of … Read more

How to Get Fastag in Urgently a single Day – Buy Fastag Immediately

FASTag is a tag that is used at toll plazas as a digital method of toll collection. Fastag has been made mandatory by NHAI for all vehicles which pass through Toll plazas on National Highways of India. While traveling through National Highways, Fastag is compulsory because any vehicle which crosses a toll plaza without Fastag … Read more

How to get a Fastag from Toll-Plaza

Fastag is an electronic device that is the initiative of NHAI for collecting toll tax at the toll plazas through the use of Radio Frequency Identification technology. Fastag is affixed on the front windshield of your vehicle so that when your vehicle passes a toll plaza, then the sensors at the toll plazas read the … Read more

How to Change Vehicle Registration Number in Fastag

National Highways Authority of India has now made it possible that you can pay the toll fees at the toll plazas without standing in long lines at the toll plazas. This is the new electronic toll collection system and is called Fastag. Fastag works on the basis of RFID i.e Radio Frequency Identification technology i.e … Read more

How to Recharge Fastag Online Without Vehicle Number

Even if you don’t have a four-wheeler vehicle, you might notice that a new type of device ie. Fastag is attached to the windscreen of the four-wheeler vehicles because this device has been made mandatory by the NHAI for all vehicles. Many vehicle owners purchase Fastag for their vehicles but have no idea about how … Read more

How to Recharge NETC Fastag through Google Pay – Step by Step Guide


Documents required for Creating Fastag Using Google Pay Benefits of Using Google Pay Fastag How to buy Fastag from Google Pay How to recharge Fastag using Google Pay Due to problems of collection of toll at toll plazas on the National Highways of India, the Fastag system has been introduced. With the help of Fastag, … Read more

How to Recharge Fastag through Paytm – Step by Step Guide

paytm fastag recharge

How to purchase Fastag from Paytm Documents required for purchasing Fastag from Paytm Charges for buying Fastag from Paytm How Paytm Fastag Works? Benefits of Paytm Fastag How to recharge Fastag from Paytm The government of India has made Fastag compulsory on all national highways of the country from February 15, 2021. The government has … Read more

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With the increase in digitalization in India, many people are doing transactions and payments through UPI instead of paying in cash. UPI stands for Unified Payments Interface and it was mainly introduced for transferring money from one person to another online through mobile phones. There are many UPI apps in India and one such app … Read more

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How to buy Fastag from PhonePe Cost of applying Fastag via PhonePe Documents required for applying Fastag via PhonePe How to activate PhonePe Fastag How to recharge Fastag using Phonepe App Benefits of using PhonePe Fastag Fastag is an electronic toll collection technology that is used on the toll plaza of the National Highway in … Read more