How To Recharge Fastag Through Freecharge App

Many times you may have to cross highways for business or personal trips. While crossing these highways, the vehicle owners have to pay some fees as the charge of using or traveling through these highways. This charge is known as toll tax or simply toll. This toll tax is mainly collected for the modernization and … Read more

How to Recharge Fastag through Xpay Life

How to Recharge Fastag through Xpay Life

About XPay.Life is a place which provides you the option of Digital Payment to various platforms at one place. The USP of XPay.Life company is to offer Utitlity Bill Payment services via Mobile Van, ATP Kiosk and PoS machines. In addition to making the payment through Cash, you can also pay by using your … Read more

How to Register Online for Exempted FASTag – Who all are exempted

Fastag has now become an essential device for all four-wheeler vehicles in India. It can be used for making toll payments across all toll plazas. The vehicle owners who install the Fastag device on their vehicles can now travel free through highways without having to stop for a long time in order to pay the … Read more

Union Bank of India (UBI) Fastag KYC Form PDF Download – How to update online

In this article, we will know about Union Bank of India (UBI) Fastag KYC. What is a KYC, Where is it required, and how to update Union Bank of India (UBI) Fastag KYC and lot more. Completing and updating KYC will not harm you in any way, although it will give you some additional benefits … Read more

How to Recharge Union Bank of India (UBI) Fastag through Amazon Pay

NHAI i.e National Highways Authority of India has made Fastag compulsory and Fastag has already proven beneficial for both vehicle owners as well the Government. Fastag is an electronic toll collection system. With this device, you can travel through tolls without stopping. When using Fastag, the first thing the vehicle owners should do is to … Read more

How to Activate Inactive Union Bank of India (UBI) Fastag

Fastag is a popular device that was invented for automatically paying toll taxes at the toll plazas. With the help of Fastag, it is also possible to pay the toll fees immediately through your prepaid wallet and without having the need to wait in the queues at toll plazas. Fastag uses a Radio Frequency Identification … Read more