BlackBuck Boss Fastag – Steps to Recharge & Customer Care Number

For the convenience of drivers and to reduce time, the government has recently introduced the FASTag facility on the toll plaza.

So what is this FASTag and how to use it, here we are sharing this information with you today? Also, we will discuss, What is Blackbuck Boss and how to get Fastag through it for trucks.

Digitization has got a big boost in India in the last few years. Today we are able to do a lot of things online. Similarly, if you are a driver and want to get rid of long lines on toll plazas, then Fastag is there to help you.

Apart from common people, professional drivers like truck drivers also appreciated this digital toll collection system.

Fastag is an automatic toll collection system that deducts toll amounts from a driver’s Fastag Prepaid account using RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology on national and state highways of India. The Fastag system is part of the National Electronic Toll Collection program, which was initially made mandatory on 1 December 2019 but later its final date was expanded till 15 February 2021. Fastag is operated by NHAI i.e National Highways Authority of India.

What is Blackbuck Boss?

Blackbuck boss is supported by Flipkart and it works on the demand of truck drivers and transporter companies to book the freight booking through App. Since its launch, Blackbuck boss is striving to become the leader of the transport sector.

With Blackbuck Boss, truck owners can manage their trucks through their smartphones. Now they will be the real Boss of their trucks. Truck owners will also get many benefits like discounts, cashback and loans on services and products like diesel, toll, GPS, insurance, tires, etc.

Blackbuck Boss also gives the Truck owners the facility to make easy payments through UPI, debit cards, and NetBanking for these services from their Boss app.

How to get Fastag through Blackbuck Boss?

Blackbuck boss is the largest trucking platform in India. This online platform for transport companies and truck drivers is now providing Fastag services to truck drivers across the country since December 31, 2019.

The Blackbuck Boss company is giving the option to truck drivers to book Fastag through the company’s app. And it is the responsibility of the company to deliver Fastag to truck drivers who applied for it through the App. The government has made Fastag mandatory for toll plazas for all four or more wheeled vehicles in the country since 15 February 2021.

Blackbuck Boss company has already announced that after the transport companies or truck drivers apply for Fastag on their Blackbuck Boss app, the company will deliver the Fastag to their address within 4-5 days.

Truck owners can download the Blackbuck Boos app easily from the Google Play Store. With the help of this app, it will become very easy for more than 30 Lakhs truck owners to purchase Fastag for their trucks.

How to apply Fastag through Blackbuck Boos App

Fastag will reach the address of the truck owners within 4-5 days of applying on the Boss app. Truck owners will be required to download the app (available free on Google Play Store and iOS Store) and provide their address and truck details on it. Fastag, at no extra charge, will reach their home or office in 4-5 days.

  • After applying Fastag for the truck through Boss App, the Fastag will be delivered to their address in a maximum of four to five days.
  • Before applying for the Fastag for their trucks, the owners have to download the Boss App on their smartphones.
  • After downloading and installing the App, the truck owners have to provide their address details and truck details.
  • Once all the above details are provided, then the process of creating the Fastag for their truck will be started and it will reach at their mentioned address within few days.

For providing the Fastag to truck owners, Blackbuck has done a partnership with IDFC Bank and Yes Banks. To solve any problems related to Fastag, a 24/7 customer support center is also started by Blackbuck for truck owners.

How to recharge Blackbuck Boss Fastag

There are some simple steps, that the Fastag holders have to follow to recharge their Fastag through the Blackbuck Boss app. These steps are:

  • Install the Blackbuss Boss App on your smartphone and then open it.
  • After opening the Boss App, you have to click on the ‘Fastag’ option
  • Every Fastags that have been issued to you will be visible on the next page when you choose the Fastag Option.
  • From this list of Fastags, choose the Fastag that you want to recharge.
  • Now you will have to add the amount to recharge your Blackbuck Boss Fastag with.
  • The amount will be automatically deducted from the Blackbuck Boss amount immediately when you click on the recharge button.
  • So you are done with all the steps of recharging your Fastag with Blackbuck boss.

Benefits of Blackbuck Boss Fastag

With this facility provided by Blackbuck Boss app, already more than fifty percent of truck owners have been connected to the Blackbuck and they have got their Fastag.

There are two main benefits of Blackbuck Boss Fastag:

  • It will help to save the time for truck drivers at the toll plazas
  • With the help of Blackbuck Boss Fastag, a new era will be started in India’s Logistics sector.
  • By installing Fastag on the trucks, it will help to eliminate congestion and delays on the national highways’ toll plazas.

Blackbuck Boss FASTag customer care Number

As mentioned above the truck owners who get Fastag through Blackbuck boss can contact the customer support of Blackbuck to resolve any issues regarding their Fastag. Various ways of contacting Blackbuk Customer care are:

Phone number: 080-46481862
Email: [email protected]

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  1. I have recharged fastag for₹ 3000/- three thousands today at 03.58 PM through Gpay but balance is not shown to my fastag account till time & Vehicle is on way from Guwahti to udayapur Tripura

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  4. This is the worst app ever I have seen in my life. They misguided me and looted money . Worst part is their customer care they have no idea what they do. Each one say differently, no proper guidance. I advise people not get cheated by this app.

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