Paytm Payments Bank Fastag – How to Recharge & Check Balance

Fastag is a very important and useful device for vehicle owners especially for those who have Four or more wheeled vehicles as it allows them to pay the toll tax at the toll plazas by passing through dedicated lanes without stopping and waiting in big lines.

Fastag is a device that comes in sticker form and you have to attach this device to the front windscreen of your four-wheeler vehicle to pay the toll tax. Thanks to these Fastag devices, long lanes are not formed at the toll plazas because the toll payment is automatically made through your prepaid Fastag account when your vehicle comes in the range of toll plazas sensors. Radio Frequency Identification technology is used in the Fastag sticker and the scanners at the toll plazas due to which the communication is done between these two devices for the automatic toll deduction.

How to apply Fastag through Paytm Payments Bank

To commute through the National Highways of India, all four-wheeler vehicles now need to have Fastag installed on the windscreen because the Indian Government has made it compulsory that the toll fees at the plazas can now be collected only through Fastag.

Fastag can be purchased offline from any Toll plazas in the country. It can also be purchased from many banks which have been permitted by the NPCI to issue new Fastag to the vehicle owners. Few banks like SBI, ICICI Bank, HDFC, Axis bank, etc give vehicle owners the facility of applying a new Fastag either through the official websites of these banks or by visiting the nearest branches with the required documents.

But there is good news for all smartphone users as the popular mobile payment and commerce platform Paytm is now providing the facility to get a Fastag quickly through their phone.

Follow the below steps to purchase a Fastag from Paytm Payments Bank

  • Open the official website of Paytm, ie. in your mobile browser or open the Paytm app if you have already installed it and registered.
  • You can directly visit this page to Buy a new Fastag:
  • When you open the Paytm app, you will see the option ‘Manage Fastag’
  • If your Paytm App is not updated, then after clicking on this option you will be asked to update the app, because the option of purchasing Fastag is not available in the old version
  • After updating the app, you will see the ‘Buy Fastag’ option under the ‘Tickets Bookings’ Tab
  • Click on this option and you will see a new screen where you have to first enter the Registration Number of your vehicle under the heading “Paytm Fastag for Car/Jeep/Van Class 4 vehicles”
  • In the next step, you will have to upload the scanned copy of the ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ sides of our vehicle’s RC.
  • Make sure that the RC copy is clearly scanned and visible.
  • You will now have to enter the ‘Delivery Address’
  • By default, the ‘Delivery Address’ is the same as mentioned in your ‘Paytm Profile’
  • You can change this address by clicking on ‘Change Address’ option.
  • Now pay the Fastag fees by clicking on the ‘Buy for Rs. 350’ Button
  • When the fees for Fastag are paid successfully the process of applying Fastag through Paytm is complete.
  • You will receive the Fastag at the address mentioned in the ‘Delivery Address’ option within 3-5 days.

Documents required for applying Fastag from Paytm Payments Bank

To apply a new Fastag through Paytm Payments Bank, a user needs the below-mentioned documents

  • To purchase a Fastag from Paytm a user only have to upload the front and backside copy of the RC of the vehicle.

To get a Fastag from any bank, Toll plazas, or any other POS centers of NHAI, an applicant has to submit other documents like Passport Size photographs of vehicle owners, Aadhar Card, Voter Card, ID Card, etc. But if you want to get a Fastag from Paytm, you don’t need any of these documents. You just need to enter the vehicle’s registration no. and the scanned copy of both sides of the RC of your vehicle.

Charges for Paytm Fastag and Validity

NHAI has set up standard charges for all banks. To get a Fastag from any bank or payment service like Paytm Payments Bank you have to pay some fees. A new user has to pay Tag issuance fees, and security deposit, and have to recharge their Fastag wallet with some fixed amount.

The fees for getting a Fastag for Paytm are as below:

  • Tag issuance fees of Rs. 84.75
  • GST on Tag Issuance Fees = Rs. 15.25
  • Minimum first-time recharge/Fastag balance= Rs. 250

The validity of Fastag issued by Paytm Payments Bank is valid for five years which are counted from the day you purchased the Fastag. There is no validity of balance or recharge amount in your Fastag wallet

The total amount of purchasing Paytm Fastag is Rs. 350

Paytm Fastag Promo code

To attract new customers and add more users, Paytm also provides various offers and benefits. One of the current offers that Paytm is giving to new Fastag applicants is a cashback of Rs. 25. Although this cashback amount of Rs. 25 is not applicable for all users and is offered to only selected users.

To get this Cashback, a user has to enter the promo code: FASTAG25. This code has to be applied promo code at the time of applying the new Fastag.

The cashback amount is credited into the Paytm wallet of the eligible users within 24 hours of applying the Fastag.

Benefits of Paytm Fastag

The top benefits of a Fastag purchased from any service provider including Paytm Payments bank are that you can avoid the long queues at the toll plazas and save your time, fuel, etc.

But there are some additional benefits that a user can get if he purchases a Fastag from Paytm and a few of these benefits are:

Zero Service fees

When you purchase a Fastag from Paytm and pay the toll tax at the toll plazas through it, then you don’t have to pay any service fees for this transaction.

No need to do separate Fastag recharge

When you purchase a Fastag from any bank or any POS center, then you have to recharge it again and again when there is a low balance in it. But the biggest advantage of purchasing Fastag from Paytm Payments Bank over other service providers is that you don’t have to recharge it separately, the fees will be deducted automatically at the toll plazas through the money added to your Paytm wallet.

Free home delivery of New Fastag

When you apply for a new Fastag from Paytm, then the Fastag will be delivered at the physical address you provide while filling out the form and you don’t have to pay any shipping charges.

Cashback offers

As mentioned above currently Paytm is running a cashback offer of Rs. 25 for new Fastag users. There are many other offers that are offered to Fastag users if they have purchased a Fastag from Paytm.

How to recharge Paytm Fastag

Recharging a Fastag purchased through any platform is as simple as recharging your mobile. The biggest advantage of purchasing a Fastag from Paytm over other service providers is that you don’t recharge your Fastag wallet when there is a low balance in it. If there is money added to your Paytm wallet, then that money can be used to pay the toll payment directly without doing any separate recharge into your Fastag wallet.

In addition to this, you can recharge Fastag purchased from any bank through the Paytm app.

How to recharge any bank Fastag through Paytm

Follow the below steps to recharge your Fastag purchased from any bank through Paytm

  • First of all, open the Paytm official website or Paytm app from your Mobile Phone.
  • Search for the ‘Fastag Recharge’ option in the search box or look for this option by scrolling a little down.
  • When you click on the ‘Fastag Recharge’ option, you will be redirected to a new window, where you will see the list of all Fastag service provider banks.
  • From this list choose the bank from which you have purchased Fastag.
  • After selecting your Fastag provider bank, enter the registration number of your vehicle.
  • Now click on the ‘Proceed’ button
  • Once you click on the ‘Procced’ button, you will have to enter the recharge amount.
  • Enter the recharge amount and make the payment.
  • Your Fastag issued by any bank will now be recharged Fastag through Paytm.

How to check Paytm Fastag Balance

If you purchased a Fastag for your vehicle from Paytm and want to know how much balance is left in it, then here we will explain various ways to check the balance in your Fastag wallet
Like any other service provider Paytm has also provided various methods for its users to check the pending balance in their Tag. Let’s have a look at these methods:

Checking Fastag balance through MyFastag App

If your Fastag is linked to the NHAI, then you can easily check the balance into it through the MyFastag app. Follow the below steps to check your Fastag balance through the MyFastag app

  • Visit the Google Play store and download the MyFastag app to your mobile.
  • Log in to the app by entering your username and password.
  • Now you will be logged into the MyFastag app
  • You now have the access to your Fastag profile and can easily view the balance in your Fastag wallet account.

Checking Paytm Fastag balance through SMS

Another easy way to keep track of the balance in your Paytm Fastag is through SMS. For this, you have no need to don’t anything. All you have to do is just check the message in your registered mobile number when you cross a toll plaza and make the toll fees.

The message is sent to your registered number for each transaction done at the toll plaza through our Fastag.

Checking Paytm Fastag balance through Email

Similar to the text message that is sent on your registered mobile number, an email is also sent to your registered email id when you make a toll transaction. This email contains all details about your recent transaction including the balance in your Fastag.

Checking Paytm Fastag balance through Miss Call

Checking the balance in your Fastag has now been quite easy as the NHAI has released a miss call facility for which you have to give a miss call on this number +91-8884333331. The notification with the remaining balance in your Fastag will be sent to your registered mobile number after giving a miss on the above number.

Checking Fastag balance through Official Website

If you have purchased a Fastag from any service provider other than Paytm, then you can easily check the balance into your Fastag wallet simply by visiting the official Fastag portal of that particular bank and by login in to your Fastag account.

How to activate blacklisted Paytm Fastag

NHAI has issued some guidelines for all Fastag users. If users are not able to meet any of these guidelines then Fastag becomes blacklisted.

One of the important guidelines that a Fastag user has to follow is to keep enough balance in the Fastag purchased from any service provider including from Paytm Payments Bank. As mentioned above, a user must have a minimum balance of Rs. 250 in his Paytm Fastag. Therefore if any user is unable to maintain this minimum balance value in their Paytm Fastag, then his Fastag will be disabled or blacklisted and the payment can’t be paid through the wallet.

Paytm Fastag which gets blacklisted due to low balance can be reactivated by reloading it with the minimum recharge value.

Paytm Fastag KYC Update

Most mobile users have used Paytm for transferring money, doing online shopping, mobile recharge, ticket booking, and a lot more. To use all the services of Paytm including Fastag recharge, it is necessary to update the Paytm KYC. Without updating the KYC with Paytm you will not be able to get all the benefits offered by Paytm. So let’s have a look at how to update Paytm Fastag KYC

Types of Paytm KYC

Paytm Minimum KYC

For all users who use e-wallet services like Paytm it is necessary to update the KYC as per the guidelines issued by the RBI. For this, the users have to submit various identity documents for verifying their identities. The minimum KYC of Paytm is valid only for 24 months and it can be easily done online from your mobile without going anywhere.

One of the biggest differences between Minimum and Full KYC of Paytm is that with Minimum KYC you can only add a maximum of up to Rs. 10000 inF your Fastag wallet.

Paytm Full KYC

To get all the benefits of Paytm Fastag it is a must to have Full KYC. For updating Full KYC with Paytm you have to visit the nearest Paytm agent and must have a minimum age of 18 years.
By visiting the nearest agent you have to submit all the necessary documents. It will take 3-4 days for the Paytm Full KYC to get processed.

Paytm Fastag Customer Care Number

Phone No: 1800-120-4210

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