Canara Bank Fastag – How to Apply, Online Recharge & Check Balance, Login, Customer Care Number, Application Status

India is moving fastly towards digitalization and many things are now made digital including payments at the toll plazas. For this, a new kind of scheme known as Fastag has been introduced by NHAI with the order of the Government of India.

Fastag is a device that is linked to a pre-paid account and it uses Radio Frequency Identification technology for paying toll taxes at the toll plazas in India. Fastag sticker is affixed on the windscreen of your four-wheeler vehicle and enables you to make the toll payment without cash and quickly with no need to stop at the toll plaza.

All the toll plazas in India which work under the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) have been enabled with the Fastag sensors since 15 Feb 2021 and they scan a vehicle with Fastag as soon as it comes in contact with these sensors.

Making Fastag compulsory for vehicles has reduced the traffic jams at the toll plazas and has made the process of toll payment very quick.

How to apply Fastag from Canara Bank

National Highways Authority of India (India) and Indian Highway Management Company Ltd (IHMCL) have set up various sales centers across the country, where vehicle owners can purchase new Fastag for their vehicles. These sales centres are located at the branches of authorised banks, transport centers, Toll plazas on national highways, and some selected petrol pumps.

Fastag can be purchased from eCommerce and e-wallets websites like Paytm, Amazon, Google Pay, PhonePe, and from the websites of some top banks like SBI Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Canara Bank, etc. Here in this article, we will explain how you can purchase a Fastag from Canara Bank.

  • You have to open the official Fastag page of Canara Bank through this link
  • Here you have to fill in your mobile number and Account Number
  • Then you tick on the check box with the message “I have read the Terms and Conditions…..”
  • After ticking on this check box, you will have to click on the blue ‘Proceed’ button
  • When you click on the proceed button, you will be asked to fill in your contact details, and personal details like Name, Address, etc.
  • Now you will have to enter your vehicle’s number and have to upload the documents like Voter Card, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, etc
  • The user also has to upload a copy of their vehicle’s RC from both sides while filling the Canara Bank Fastag application form
  • Once the user has filled in the contact details and uploaded the required documents he will have to pay the fees for applying Fastag from Canara Bank.
  • After paying the Fastag fees, click on the submit button to complete the process Fastag application.

Documents required for Canara Bank Fastag

To apply for Fastag from Canara Bank you need the following documents

  • Copy of Registration certificate of vehicle
  • A passport-size photograph of the owner of the vehicle
  • ID Proof and address proof documents for the KYC

Canara Bank Fastag recharge

Fastag purchased from Canara Bank can be recharged through various platforms. For example, you can do Canara Bank Fastag recharge from the MyFastag app and e-payment services like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc. But NHAI has advised that one should recharge their Fastag from the platform they purchased it.

Because the Fastag users may have to give a loading charge of 2% if they recharge their Fastag from some other bank or another platform. Therefore if you purchased your Fastag from Canara Bank, then it is better to recharge it using the official Fastag portal of Canara Bank and the steps required to do this are as below:

  • To recharge Fastag through the Canara Bank website, users have to open this link:
  • Here users have to log in to the Canara Bank Fastag portal by entering their Username and Password.
  • Users can see the ‘Create your login Credentials Individual / Corporate’ option here, which they can click to generate a user ID and password in case they don’t already have it.
  • Once the user enters the official Fastag portal of Canara Bank, he will see a recharge option there.
  • The user has to click this Fastag recharge option and then has to fill in the amount of recharge.
  • After this, he can see various payment methods and he can make the recharge payment by choosing any of these payment methods.
  • When the payment is made successfully, the Canara Bank Fastag recharge will be completed.

Benefits of Canara Bank Fastag

A Fastag purchased from Canara Bank offers the below benefits

  • Ease of payment at the toll plazas
  • Toll payment is made quickly which saves time and fuel
  • SMS alert is received for every toll transaction and for low balances in the Fastag
  • It is easy to recharge Canara Bank Fastag in a few minutes
  • A cashback facility of 2.5% is also available on your transactions made through Canara Bank Fastag

Canara Bank Fastag Charges and Validity

Canara Bank charges one-time fees of Rs. 200 for creating a new Fastag. The customers will also have to deposit a security fee of Rs. 250 while applying a Fastag from Canara Bank. Canara Bank Fastag users will also have to maintain a threshold amount in their Fastag prepaid wallet and this threshold amount is also known as a minimum balance that is a must to keep in the Fastag wallet. This threshold amount depends upon the different categories of vehicles.

The validity of Canara Bank Fastag is five years and it only has to be recharged during this validity period.

How to check Canara Bank Fastag Balance

Fastag users of Canara Bank can check the balance of their Fastag wallet through various methods. Below we have explained different methods to check the balance of Canara Bank Fastag.

Checking balance through the Canara Bank website

Fastag users can check the balance of their Fastag by visiting the Fastag portal of the Canara Bank and for this, they have to follow the below steps:

  • Open the official Fastag portal of Canara bank by visiting this link:
  • You will see Username and Password Fields after opening the above link.
  • You have to make a login into the Canara Bank Fastag portal by entering your login details in these fields.
  • After entering your Canara Bank Fastag credentials, you will enter your Fastag account.
  • You are now just one step away from checking your Canara Bank Fastag balance.
  • For this, you will have to click on your profile/dashboard option and the remaining balance in your Canara Bank Fastag will be displayed to you.

NHAI Miss Call Facility

To make the process of checking the balance of your Fastag purchased from any bank including Canara Bank, NHAI has launched a missed call facility. Fastag users can give a miss call on this number +91-8884333331, to get the balance of their Canara Bank Fastag on their registered mobile number.

MyFastag App

The balance of Canara Bank Fastag can be checked by downloading MyFastag app on your mobile phone. The MyFastag app is available for both Android and ios phones and users can easily check the balance of their Canara Bank Fastag by login into the app.

How to update Canara Bank Fastag KYC

KYC has the full form ‘Know Your Customer’ and as the name suggests, it is used by banks or financial companies to know about their customers. As you know, whenever we open a new account with any bank, then the bank requires you to submit a few documents like Aadhar Card, Voter Card, PAN Card, and Driving License. Canara Bank also demands these documents from its users and this process of submitting the documents is known as KYC.

Updating your KYC with Canara Bank is necessary because, with the help of KYC, the bank can keep the track of your transactions in order to avoid fraud. KYC is also necessary when you purchase Fastag from Canara Bank. Without KYC, you will not be able to take full advantage of Canara Bank Fastag. You can update KYC with Canara Bank by filling out an application form on the official website of Canara Bank

Types of Canara Bank Fastag KYC

There are two types of KYC for Canara Bank Fastag

Mini KYC

Mini KYC of Canara Bank Fastag is valid for 24 months and it has very limited features. By doing Mini KYC of Canara Bank Fastag, users can add only Rs. 10000 in their Fastag wallet.

Full KYC

Full KYC of Canara Bank Fastag is necessary if you have to use all services of the Fastag. Many additional features are provided with the Full KYC of Fastag and one of these features is that users can add an amount of up to Rs. 1 Lakh to their Fastag wallet.

How to activate Canara Bank Blacklisted Fastag

Your Canara Bank Fastag can be blacklisted which means that you can not pay the toll tax at any toll plaza through your Fastag. One of the main reasons why a Fastag purchased from Canara Bank gets blacklisted is that you don’t keep enough balance amount in it. Therefore you should continuously check the balance in your Fastag and make sure that it does not goes below the threshold amount set up by Canara Bank. When you recharge your Fastag, then it will automatically get removed from the blacklist.

Any physical damage to your Fastag card may also cause it to get blacklisted and in that case, you have got a new Fastag reissued from the Canara Bank.

Canara Bank Fastag Customer Care Number

The customer service offered by Canara Bank to its Fastag users is excellent, even if the Bank does not offer a live chat service. However, the telephone and email service work perfectly and excellently solve the problems of Fastag users. The telephone number is active every time and by writing to the e-mail address mentioned below, users can get a response within 24 hours after sending. So various modes of contacting the Customer Care team of Canara Bank for Fastag-related issues are:

Toll-Free Number: 1800-103-3568

Email Id: canarafastag[@]

Canara Bank Fastag FAQS

Canara Bank has a dedicated link to the FAQS related to Fastag. This FAQ link of Canara Bank Fastag can be accessed at This well-structured section dedicated to Fastag FAQs allows users to get essential information related to Fastag like How to apply Fastag from Canara Bank, How to recharge, How to check balance etc.

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