SBI Fastag – How to Apply, KYC, Login, Recharge Online & Check Balance, Customer Care Number

FASTag is a prepaid rechargeable tag sticker attached to the windshield of your vehicle and it is developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) under the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program. Radio-frequency ID (RFID) technology-enabled FASTag enables contactless payment when your vehicle passes through a toll plaza lane.

When passing through toll plazas or lanes, you do not need to pay toll charges, instead, RFID technology will automatically deduct toll charges from your FASTag account. This process is achieved through FASTag readers installed on dedicated Fastag lanes at toll plazas.

How to buy Fastag from SBI Bank

Fastag can be purchased from any authorized point of sale(POS), Petrol Pumps, RTO, and Toll plazas. But for getting Fastag from these places you have to physically visit these places with your Vehicle and the necessary documents. But you can easily apply for Fastag online through SBI Bank without going anywhere. To apply for Fastag through SBI bank you need to follow the below steps.

  • To apply for the Fastag through SBI you have to visit the official portal of SBI bank Fastag i.e
  • To create Fastag from SBI bank there is no need for you to have an account in the bank.
  • After opening the website link, you have to enter your personal details like Name, Address, Date of Birth, Email id, mobile number, etc.
  • Once you enter your personal details, you have to do the KYC, for which you can use PAN Card, Aadhar Card, Voter card, or driving license.
  • You also have to enter the registration certificate number i.e RC number of your vehicle.
  • Now upload the scanned copy of your KYC documents.
  • When you complete all the above steps, then your Fastag will be ready and you can now install it on your vehicle.
  • You can recharge your SBI Fastag at your convenience.

Benefits of SBI Bank Fastag

  • Roads and Transport Ministry in India started the Fastag for vehicles across many toll plazas in the country to solve the problem of a long line of vehicles and change money
  • Using Fastag, a lot of time is saved
  • Also, you can save petrol and diesel because whenever someone is standing in the line in front of the toll plaza, there is a long line of vehicles then it consumes time and fuel because the engine of the vehicle keeps on running
  • Whenever you cross any toll plaza with a Fastag attached to your vehicle, then you will receive a message on your mobile phone each time a transaction is made.
  • You will be informed about the amount that has been deducted from the Fastag account through this message.

Documents required for SBI Bank Fastag

For making a Fastag for your vehicle through SBI bank, you must have the following documents

  • Registration Certificate(Rc) of your vehicle
  • Passport size photo of the owner of the vehicle
  • KYC document of the owner of the vehicle as well as full proof address.

How to recharge Fastag through SBI Bank

You can easily and very quickly recharge your Fastag through SBI bank online from your computer or mobile phone. When you apply Fastag Online and when you receive it at the mentioned address, then in the Courier of FASTag you also get Fastag sticker and some Instructions together. You are provided the User ID and Password of Fastag in that courier. To recharge your Fastag via SBI bank, you can follow these steps:

  • To recharge your Fastag through SBI, you have to open SBI Fastag portal i.e and login into it with the user name and password you get in the courier.
  • When you make the login, you will get a Payment option
  • Here you will have to click on the Recharge option.
  • Select the payment method you want to choose for making the Payment.
  • You can make the payment by using a Debit card, Credit card, Netbanking etc.
  • You can add any amount starting from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1 Lakh, you want to Fastag to be recharged with.
  • After choosing the payment method and making the payment your SBI Fastag will be recharged.

Apart from recharging your Fastag through the official website of SBI, there are many other ways that you can use to recharge your SBI Fastag. Some of the most popular platforms or mobile apps through which you can recharge your SBI Fastag are:

  1. SBI Fastag recharge using UPI
  2. SBI Fastag recharge using Google Pay
  3. SBI Fastag recharge using Paytm
  4. SBI Fastag recharge using PhonePe

SBI Fastag Recharge using UPI

The simplest method of recharging your Fastag purchased from SBI bank is to recharge it using any UPI app like BHIM UPI. SBI Fastag users can recharge their Fastag by following very simple steps. Below are the steps required to recharge SBI Fastag using UPI.

  • First of all download and install any UPI-enabled app on your smartphone.
  • After installing the UPI app open this app and Click on the ‘Pay’ Button there.
  • When you click on the Pay button, then you have to enter your UPI ID.
  • For Fastag purchases from SBI, we have to type @sbi for recharging Fastag
  • The VPA i.e Virtual Private Address of SBI bank Fastag will be in this form: netc.vehicle no.@sbi.
  • So for example, if your vehicle no. is RJ053187 then the UPI id for Fastag recharge will be: netc.RJ053187@sbi.
  • After entering this UPI ID, you will have to enter the necessary recharge amount.
  • Upon completing the above steps, your SBI Fastag recharge will be done using UPI.

SBI Fastag recharge using Google Pay

With the help of Google Pay, you can easily recharge Fastag purchased from any bank including SBI bank. This feature of recharging Fastag has been introduced into Google Pay app recently. Fastag recharge through Google Pay is done using UPI. So if you are using Google Pay already but do not see the option of Fastag recharge, then you can see it by updating the Google Pay App.

Below are the steps that you can follow to recharge your SBI Fastag using Google Pay.

  • First of all, open the Google Pay app on your mobile Phone.
  • Now you will see the option ‘New Payment’
  • After clicking on the ‘New Payment’ Option, in the next screen you will see ‘Bill Payments’ tab.
  • Click on this tab.
  • After clicking on the ‘Bill Payments’ App, a list of various options can be seen under the heading ‘Pay your bills and DTH’
  • When you scroll down this list, then you will find the option ‘Fastag Recharge’
  • After clicking on the Fastag Recharge option, a list of various banks will appear in front of you.
  • Select your bank from this list e.g SBI bank in this case.
  • Before recharging, your SBI Fastag, make sure that your Google Pay account is linked with your SBI bank account.
  • So once you have linked both Google Pay and SBI bank and selected the bank from the list of banks, now you will have to make the payment of Fastag recharge
  • Now you have to proceed with the payment. Once your payment is done, your SBI Fastag will be recharged using Google Pay.

SBI Fastag recharge using Paytm

Paytm App is so far one of the most popular and widely used payment apps that are used for recharging SBI bank Fastag. Recharging SBI Fastag using Paytm takes only a few minutes and involved only 4-5 steps which are explained below:

  • The first thing you need to recharge your SBI Fastag using Paytm is to download and install this app on your Smartphone.
  • Once you install the Paytm app, open it.
  • On the home screen of Paytm app, you will see ‘Recharge & Pay Bills’ option
  • When you click this option, you will see various options in the next screen.
    From these options you have to select ‘Fastag Recharge’ option
  • After clicking on ‘Fastag Recharge’ option, a list of various banks open up
    From this list select SBI Bank.
  • Now you have to enter the Fastag recharge amount and then proceed.
  • So your SBI bank Fastag will be recharged using Paytm.

SBI Fastag recharge using PhonePe

PhonePe is one of the easy-to-use and popular mobile apps which can be used for doing various things like Mobile recharge, bill payments, DTH recharge, transferring money from one bank account to another, and various other online transactions. In addition to performing the above task, PhonePe can also be used for recharging your Fastag purchased from any bank including SBI bank. Follow the below-mentioned steps to recharge your SBI bank Fastag using PhonePe

  • First of all install and open the PhonePe app on your Mobile Phone.
  • After opening the phonePe app, you will see various recharge options there.
  • From these options select the ‘Fastag Recharge’ option
  • Select and Open this ‘Fastag Recharge’ option
  • Now you have to click on ‘Add New Vehicle’ Option
  • Once you click on the ‘Add New Vehicle’ option, a list of all Fastag banks will appear.
  • As we have purchased our Fastag from SBI Bank, so we will select ‘SBI Bank’ from this list.
  • Now you will see a blank box where you have to insert your vehicle number
  • After entering the vehicle number you have to click on confirm option
  • Enter the desired amount that you want your Fastag to be recharged with
  • Click on the Pay option in the last step.
  • Once you click on the Pay option, your SBI Fastag recharge will be done using PhonePe

How to activate SBI Bank Fastag

Once you receive your Fastag from your SBI bank you have to activate it by yourself. You can activate your Fastag by downloading the MyFastag app from Google Play Store. After downloading the MyFastag App, you can activate your Fastag by adding the details of your vehicle.

SBI Bank Fastag charges

If you have a vehicle and want to install SBI bank Fastag on it, then it will be very cheap to create a Fastag by paying some nominal charges. You have to pay a one-time fee of just Rs. 100 for getting a Fastag from SBI bank. There is no need to pay this fee again and again. In addition to the amount of Rs. 100 you also have to pay a security fee of Rs 200 to Rs. 500 depending upon the vehicle which is refundable. Once you get a Fastag after paying the above-mentioned fees you only have to recharge it with any amount you want.

SBI Fastag Charges

Sr. No. Vehicle Class No. Particulars Security Amount Minimum Balance
1 4 Car / Jeep / Van/ Tata Ace and similar mini light commercial vehicle 300 Nil
2 5 Light Commercial Vehicle 300 300
3 6 Three Axle Commercial Vehicles 400 300
4 7 Bus/Truck 400 300
5 12 4 to 6 axle 400 300
6 15 7 or More Axle 400 300
7 16 Heavy Construction Machinery (HCM)/Earth Moving Equipment (EME) 400 300

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SBI Bank Fastag Validity

You can use the Fastag installed on your vehicle for Five years. It means the validity of your SBI Fastag is five years after which you have to renew your Fastag by paying the amount again. Once you get your Fastag reissued after 5 years, you can paste it on the windscreen of your vehicle in the same way.

Types of SBI Fastag

SBI provides basically two types of Fastags which depend upon the type of vehicle. These two types of Fastags provided by SBI banks are :

  • M Type Fastag
  • N Type Fastag

M Type Fastag

M Type Fastag is provided by SBI mainly for private vehicles like your personal cars. For M Type Fastag issued by SBI, the color is usually Violet.

N Type Fastag

The second type of Fastag issued by SBI bank is known as N-Type Fastag and it is mainly issued for Commerical vehicles.
The N-Type Fastag is issued in six different colors for different types of commercial vehicles.

  • The color of Fastag for Commerical vehicles in Orange
  • Green Color Fastag is issued for commercial vehicles with 2 Axle.
  • Yellow Color Fastag is issued for commercial vehicles with 3 Axle.
  • Pink Color Fastag is issued for commercial vehicles with 3 Axle.
  • For vehicles with 7 or more Axle, the color of Fastag is Pink
  • And Black color Fastag is issued for JCB and heavy machinery vehicles

How to check SBI bank Fastag Balance

SBI bank provides its Fastag customers the facility of checking the Fastag wallet balance easily. SBI Fastag users can easily check the balance in various ways. SBI offers three main ways to check the Fastag balance which are:

  • Checking SBI Fastag Balance through Message
  • Checking SBI Fastag Balance through Miss Call
  • Checking SBI Fastag Balance through the website

Checking SBI Fastag Balance through Message

To check the SBI Fastag balance through Message, the Fastag users have to send a text message at this number 09223866666. Note that the users have to send this message only from their mobile number registered with the SBI bank. The users have to type BAL and send it to the above-mentioned number. After sending the message, the users will receive a message on their registered mobile number after some time with the balance of their Fastag wallet.

Checking SBI Fastag Balance through Miss Call

To check the SBI Fastag balance through, the users have to give a miss call on this number 09223866666. After giving miss from the registered mobile number, the users will get a message which will contain the balance of their SBI Fastag wallet. The users will be able to check their Fastag balance through miss call only if their mobile number is registered with NHAI i.e National Highways Authority of India

Checking SBI Fastag Balance through the website

The other simplest way of checking the balance of your SBI Fastag is by visiting the official link of SBI Fastag portal

  • After opening the Fastag portal of SBI bank, log in by entering your user id and password.
  • Now you have to click on the ‘View Balance’ Option.
  • Your Fastag remaining balance will be visible to you.

SBI Bank Fastag charges for round trip

SBI bank Fastag uses an automatic system for deducting the charges of a round trip. Toll charges are different for a single trip i.e for passing through the toll for one time and for a round trip i.e passing the same toll plaza twice in a given time.

This is how SBI Fastag calculates the charges of a round trip. If a single trip costs Rs 40 and a round trip costs Rs 55, when a vehicle crosses the toll for the first time, Rs 40 is deducted from the Fastag.

When that vehicle returns through that toll plaza within 24 hours, the difference between Rs 55 and Rs 40 ie Rs 15 is deducted. If the vehicle crosses the toll again, then Rs. 40 will be deducted.

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SBI Fastag Customer care number

If you want more information about SBI bank Fastag or have any issues or problems regarding your Fastag, then you can contact the below-mentioned Customer care number.

SBI Fastag customer care number: 1800110018

This number is completely toll-free and you can contact this number 24/7 for any Fastag-related questions.
Please lodge your FASTag-related complaints to Email ID:

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