City Union Bank (CUB) Fastag – How to apply, Recharge & Check Balance

The Road Transport Ministry and the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) have announced that from 15 February 2021, the toll payment at the toll plazas will only be collected digitally. With the implementation of this new system, travelers will not have to stop at the toll plazas for paying the toll tax. This new system is known as Fastag and it has already been implemented at all the toll plazas of the country.

Fastag is a device based on the Radio Frequency Identification technology i.e RFID and it is attached to the front glass of your four-wheeled vehicles. With the help of this Fastag device, the toll payment is made automatically when the Fastag comes in contact with the sensors at the toll plazas.

The main purpose of implementing Fastag by the Indian Government is to completely end the toll payment collection through cash and to make toll collection totally through this electronic system of Fastag.

How to apply Fastag from City Union Bank (CUB)

Any four-wheeler vehicle user can apply a Fastag simply by filling a form at the website of a bank or by visiting the branch of the bank that is providing Fastag services. It is also possible to purchase a Fastag by physically visiting the Point of Sales (POS) locations at various toll plazas, petrol pumps, Transport offices, etc.

Many e-payment services like Google Pay, PhonePe, Google pay, Amazon Pay, etc are also providing the option of applying a Fastag. But the simplest and the quickest methods of applying a new Fastag is by visiting the official website of banks approved by NPCI and one such bank is City Union Bank which allows vehicle owners to apply a Fastag by following few steps as mentioned below:

  • Visit the official Fastag website of City Union Bank(CUB) through this link:
  • After opening the above link, you will see a blue ‘Apply Fastag Now’ button.
  • When you click on this button you will be redirected to a new window where you will have to choose the ‘Click Here’ option
  • Clicking on this option will take you to a new window where you will see the Fastag online application form of the City Union Bank
  • In this form, first of all, you have to select either the ‘Retail Customer or ‘Corporate Customer’ option
  • Then you have to fill in various details under the Customer Details section.
  • These details include First Name, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth, PAN Number and have to upload various documents for address proof
  • After the Customer Details Field, you will have to enter some details regarding your vehicle in the ‘Vehicle Details’ Field and have to upload a copy of the RC
  • Various other details are also required to enter while filling City Union Bank Fastag form like Address Details, fill the OTP etc.
  • After all, information is filled up, click on the Blue ‘Submit’ button
  • Then in the last step, you have to pay the required payment for applying the Fastag from City Union Bank and you are done with the Fastag application process.

How to Recharge City Union Bank Fastag

After purchasing Fastag many questions may arise in your mind like how to recharge your City Union Bank(CUB) Fastag, what is the minimum recharge amount etc. We will explain in detail the complete process of recharging your City Union Bank Fastag.

To recharge your Fastag purchased from City Union Bank, you must have a balance in your bank account so that you can transfer money from your bank account to your Fastag pre-paid wallet.

City Union Bank Fastag can be recharged from mobile payment platforms like Paytm, Amazon, Airtel Money, Google Pay, etc but if you have linked your Fastag with your City Union Bank Fastag account, then you can easily recharge it online through the official website of City Union Bank, the steps for which are mentioned below:

  • For recharging Fastag through City Union Bank(CUB) again you have to visit the official Fastag portal of the bank at this link:
  • Here you will a blue ‘Login’ button at the top
  • By clicking on this Login button, you will see various options like:
    Personal Banking, Corporate Banking, Apply Fastag, Fastag Login.
  • Here you have to choose the ‘Apply Fastag’ option which will take you new window
  • In this new window, you will see the ‘Continue to Login’ option
  • By clicking on this option, you will have to enter your Login and Password details received with the ‘City Union Bank’ Fastag.
  • After login, you will see the ‘Recharge’ option to add fund into your City Union Bank Fastag
  • Here you have to enter any amount as per your wish and then make the payment by using City Union Bank Internet Banking, Debit Card, or Credit card.
  • Now your City Union Fastag recharge will be completed and money will be added to your account

Documents required for applying Fastag through City Union Bank(CUB)

To apply for a Fastag from City Union Bank you have to fill an application form and also have to submit the following downloading while filling the form:

Documents required for Private vehicle are

  • Registration Certificate of Vehicle
  • Passport size photo of vehicle’s owner
  • Address proof of owner of the vehicle
  • KYC documents for vehicle owner

Documents required for Corporate vehicle are

Apart from the other documents, you may also have to submit some more documents while applying Fastag for Corporate vehicles:

  • RC Copy of the vehicle
  • Passport size photo of the vehicle owner
  • Authorized Signatory Aadhaar
  • Corporate PAN card
  • GST certificate

Benefits of City Union Bank Fastag

  • Since Fastag is an electronic toll collection system, so it will resolve the traffic related problems at the toll plazas.
  • While paying the toll tax through cash, long vehicle lines were seen at the toll plazas, but this is not the case after the implementation of Fastag
  • By having City Union Bank Fastag installed on the vehicles, the vehicle owners can pay the toll tax quickly and cross the toll plazas in no time
  • City Union Bank Fastag can be recharged easily
  • City Union Bank also offers round the clock customer service for any issues regarding Fastag

How to Check City Union Bank Fastag Balance

If you want to check the balance in your City Union Bank Fastag, then here we are going to tell you many ways to check your Fastag balance. At this time most of the vehicle owners have Fastag installed on their vehicles, so they have to regularly check its balance.

City Union Bank(CUB) Fastag balance can be checked by visiting the nearest branch of the bank, but most of the time it is very difficult and time-consuming to visit the bank branch physically just for checking the balance.

So we want to let you know that, you can easily check the balance of your Fastag by sitting at your home. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to check your City Union Bank Fastag:

Checking Fastag Balance through City Union Bank Fastag website

  • Open the Fastag link of City Union Bank
  • Then Click Login >> Fastag Login >> Continue to Login
  • After clicking on Continue to Login option, you have to enter your City Union Bank Fastag login details
  • Once you enter into your City Union Bank Fastag portal, you can check the balance in your Fastag by visiting My Account

City Union Fastag Balance Check through MyFastag App

If you have purchased a Fastag from City Union Bank, then apart from checking the balance through the website of the bank, you can check it with the help of an App that is launched by the NHAI authority.

This App is known as the MyFastag app. If your City Union Fastag is linked with the NHAI, then you can check the Fastag balance by downloading this app on your mobile phone.

NHAI Miss Call Facility for Checking City Union Bank Fastag

Again if your City Union Bank Fastag is linked with the NHAI, then you can avail miss call facility provided by NHAI. NHAI has provided a toll-free mobile no. i.e +91-8884333331. City Union Bank Fastag customers can check the balance of their Fastag through a miss call on the above number.

Charges of City Union Bank Fastag and Validity

You can order Fastag from City Union Bank from your home. To get a Fastag from City Union Bank you have to pay an Issuance fee or Fastag purchasing cost of Rs. 100.

In addition to this, you will also have to deposit a refundable security fee of Rs. 200 with the City Union Bank. Then you will have to add a minimum recharge amount of Rs. 100 into your City Union Bank Fastag.

So it means the total cost of getting a Fastag from City Union Bank is Rs 400 (It may be more depending upon the category of the vehicle because security deposit may be different for different types of vehicles.)

After purchasing the Fastag from City Union Bank, you have to activate it, although activating a Fastag doesn’t require any cost. The validity of City Union Bank Fastag is 5 years.

How to reactivate City Union Bank Blacklisted Fastag

A Fastag user who purchases it from City Union Bank may sometimes have to face problems at the toll plazas if their Fastag becomes blacklisted. Because when a Fastag is blacklisted, then the toll payment can’t be made at the toll plaza.

As mentioned above it is necessary to have a minimum balance in your City Union Bank Fastag, so the Fastag may get blacklist without sufficient balance in it. Many times Fastag users forget to check the balance in their Fastag regularly and if the balance in it is less than what is set up by a bank including City Union Bank, then the Fastag gets blacklist. In such a case, the users don’t have to panic at all because City Union Bank Fastag can be easily removed from the blacklist by recharging it.

There are some other reasons for getting a City Union Fastag Blacklist:

  • You apply a Fastag from one vehicle but use it on another vehicle
  • Your Fastag is physically damaged or lost.
  • A scanner at a particular toll plaza not able to scan it

In such cases, you can call the customer care number of City Union Bank or the toll-free number of NHAI i.e 1033

City Union Bank Fastag Customer Care

The assistance service provided by City Union Bank(CUB) to its Fastag customers is truly excellent and is available through e-mail and telephone. It allows players to get in touch with kind and experienced operators, who can solve any doubts or problems of customers related to Fastag in no time.

City Union Bank Fastag customers can count on courteous customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customer Service agents are ready to address any issue in an efficient and friendly manner.

Various methods of contacting the Customer Support team of City Union Bank for Fastag related question are:

  • Toll-Free Number: 18002587200
  • E-mail: fastagcare@cityunionbank
  • NHAI Toll-Free Number: 1033

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