Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) Fastag – How to Apply, Recharge & Check Balance

Today is a time of world-class and innovative technology which has made your daily life very easy and fast forward. This technology is now used by everyone be it the case of transport. Many people who travel through National Highways may have noticed that some people have to wait at the toll plazas for paying the toll tax a lot, while some people cross the toll plazas in few minutes by paying the toll payment instantly. This quick way of making the toll payment at the toll plazas has been made possible with the help of a new technology named Fastag.

Now the new Fastag users may have the question in their mind that what is this new technique of Fastag. But they don’t have to worry about it all as in this post we will give complete knowledge to our reader what is a Fastag.

Fastag is an electronic toll collection method and as it is clear from its name, it an electronic technique of collecting toll tax from four-wheeler vehicles at the toll plazas across the country. The technology that makes the payment of toll tax successful through Fastag at the toll plazas is Radio Frequency identification technology. The RFID is a sensor-based technique and it scans the Fastag on a vehicle through the sensors at the toll plazas, when Fastag is installed on the windscreen of your vehicle.

When the toll plaza sensors track the Fastag, then the toll fees will be made from your Fastag account automatically.

How to purchase Fastag from Karur Vysya Bank (KVB)

Indian Government has selected various banks in partnership with NETC ie. National Toll Collection Program. For now, the list of banks that have the approval of issuing Fastag is about 33. The top banks in India that have the permission to issue Fastag to vehicle owners are SBI Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Karur Vysya Bank, etc.

Fastag can be applied from Petrol Pumps of Indian Oil, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum, POS centers at toll plazas, online mobile payment applications like Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe, and few more similar apps.

Our main focus through this article is the explanation to our readers, how they can apply a Fastag from KVB bank. The steps required for applying Fastag through KVB bank online are:

Applying a Fastag from the official website of Karur Vysya Bank is so simple. The bank has created a special Fastag portal for applying Fastag.

  • Visit this official Fastag portal of KVB through this link: https://www.fastag.kvb.co.in/
  • A page will appear where you will see a green color ‘Apply Now’ button
  • When you click on the ‘Apply Now’ button, you will see a message that, ‘Fastag can be applied for vehicles like Car, Jeep, Van, etc from this link.
  • Here you will have to click on proceed button
  • In the next window, you will see an application form, where you can notice various fields that require you to add personal information like Name, Mobile Number, and Email id. and also have to submit various documents as mentioned below to apply Fastag from KVB.
  • After filling in all the details in the application form, you can submit the form by making the payment of Fastag which is mentioned above in the Fastag charges section.
  • Now your Fastag will be applied and reach at your home with free days.

Charges for Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) Fastag

As mentioned above, a new Fastag can be purchased from KVB Bank, so here we will let our readers know, how much charges they have to pay when they apply a Fastag through this.

A new Fastag will cost about Rs. 400 from KVB bank. This fee of Rs. 400 is basically divided into three parts:

  • Tag Issuance Fees by KVB: Tag issuance or joining fees is Rs. 100 for all vehicles through KVB
  • KVB Fastag Security Deposit: A security fee of Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 will be required to deposit with KVB bank while applying the new Fastag.
  • Minimum Balance: Minimum balance of Rs. 100 to Rs. 300 is a must for a Fastag purchased from KVB Bank.

Documents required for applying Fastag from KVB

For purchasing a Fastag from KVB Bank and to verify the Fastag device you need various documents and these documents are mentioned in the below points.

  • Registration Certificate or RC copy of vehicle for which you are applying Fastag from KVB
  • The vehicle owner must also upload/submit his Passport size photo
  • For identity proof and for address proof, the applicant must have to submit documents like PAN Card, Voter Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, etc.

How to recharge Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) Fastag

People who are already using Fastag must know how easy it makes the process of toll payment is. With the help of Fastag, both time and money are saved and now it is very easy to recharge Fastag through a mobile phone. It is possible to do all your daily activities like paying electricity bills, Train tickets, checking bank balance, DTH recharge, etc. Similarly, your KVB Fastag can be recharged through your mobile device.

As mentioned many banks and mobile payment apps like SBI Bank, ICICI Bank, Punjab, Sind Bank, KVB, Paytm, Phone Pe, etc all provide the options of recharging your Fastag.

But the convenient way of recharging Fastag is through the same bank from which you purchase it ie. KVB. Fastag can be recharged through the official website of KVB and the app. The steps required to recharge the Fastag through the official website of KVB are mentioned below:

  • After opening the official Fastag website of KVB, you will see a Login in option on the home screen.
  • After hovering over the Login option, you will see the ‘Customer Login’ option.
  • When you click on the ‘Customer Login’ option, you will see a form with the fields Mobile Number, Password, etc.
    Enter your Login id and password to login to your personal Fastag portal of KVB
  • Then click on the Sign-in Button and you will be redirected to the KVB Bank Fastag portal
  • Here you will see a recharge Option.
  • After clicking on this recharge option you have made the desired recharge amount and proceed to complete the KVB Bank Fastag recharge.

How to check Karur Vysya Bank Fastag Balance

The purpose of this topic is to explain how KVB Fastag users can check the balance of their Fastag. As Fastag is now used in almost all four vehicles, so most of the users want to know how much balance is left in their Fastag.

There are many ways of checking the balance of your Karur Vysya Bank Fastag and these methods are explained in detail below. KVB bank is providing many features to its Fastag users so that they don’t have to face any issue regarding checking the balance of their Fastag wallet.

KVB Fastag balance check through the website

Checking the balance of KVB Fastag through the official Fastag portal requires just 3-4 steps and these are mentioned below

  • You to log in to your KVB Fastag official portal by entering your login and password details through this link’
  • When you make a login into your KVB Fastag account, then you can check various details related to your Fastag account.
  • Here you can also check the balance remaining in your KVB Fastag.

Karur Vysya Bank Fastag balance check through MyFastag App

KVB Fastag Balance check through MyFastag App

KVB Fastag balance can also be checked through the MyFastag app issued by NHAI. After installing and logging in to this app on your mobile phone, you will be able to see all details about your balance. The balance in KVB Fastag is denoted in three colors.

  • The green color Denotes there is sufficient balance in the Fastag
  • Orange Color Means you need to add more balance to your KVB Fastag
  • The red color denotes that there is a low balance in your Fastag and it needs to recharge as soon as possible.

KVB Fastag Balance check through Miss call and SMS

You can check the balance of Fastag through the Miss Call number issued by NHAI, which is +91-88843 33331. To check your balance through this number, first of all, you have to open your mobile phone and dial this number. After going to the call section, you have to enter this number and send a call.

As soon as you give a call on this no. your Phone will be cut off automatically after 3-4 sections and the balance in your KVB Fastag will be sent to your phone through SMS.

How to activate Blacklisted Karur Vysya Bank(KVB) Fastag

As per the orders, Fastag purchased for one vehicle should be used on the same vehicle., if anyone tries to use that Fastag on another vehicle then there are high risks that the Fastag becomes deactivated and you will be barred from making toll tax at the toll plazas. So in order to avoid Fastag going to the blacklist, make sure that you don’t violate any rules and use Fastag online on the vehicle for which you applied it

Another reason for blacklisted Fastag is the low balance in it which can be recharged anytime to get your Fastag removed from Blacklist.

Benefits of KVB Bank Fastag

If you use a Fastag for your vehicle and you get it from KVB Bank, then you will get various benefits from it. The use of Fastag has been increasing in the last few months and if used smartly, then users can get many benefits from it. Different benefits offered by KVB for its Fastag users are:

  • With the help of Fastag, you don’t have to use different ways of payment at toll tax like through cash, debit cards, etc. You can simply make the toll payment through Fastag which is made automatically from your account.
  • Toll tax payment is made quickly through Fastag and the waiting time is very less.
  • When you pay toll tax through Fastag, then you can get various rewards and cashback offers from KVB Bank.
  • An SMS is received after each transaction which is a good way of keeping track of your balance details as well as other information regarding Fastag.
  • And most importantly, Fastag saves a lot of time and money.

Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) Fastag Customer Care Number

KVB Fastag customers can also take the facility of Miss Call Number issued by the bank also which is 7835 994 994. Fastag users can also give missed calls on this number for checking their Fastag balance.

We can say that the customer support service provided by KVB to its Fastag users is the best compared to other banks. You can either send them an email or call them at an active number.

You can reach the customer care staff at KVB Bank at any time in 3 different ways:

  • Toll-Free Telephone Number: 1800-102-1916
  • The Toll-free phone service at KVB Bank is really appreciable and is very convenient and above all fast. You can contact them even before being a registered user and they can help you solve any doubts.
  • Toll-Free Miss Call Facility Number: 7835 994 994
  • Toll-Free Number by NAHI: 1033


Currently, KVB bank does not provide any facility for contacting the customer support team through Email. But is it likely that they will soon provide email for contacting Fastag customers?


Alternatively, you can also take a look at the FAQ section of Karur Vysya Bank(KVB) Fastag, where you will find a lot of frequently asked questions by various users and as many very clear and well-explained answers in each step. There is a download link available for the FAQ section of KVB Bank Fastag, which can be found here: https://www.fastag.kvb.co.in/FAQ/FAQ.pdf or can check directly through this link: https://www.kvb.co.in/faqs/faqs-fastag/

If you want to get any information regarding KVB Bank Fastag, then use can use one of the Customer Service options of KVB and get a solution to any problem instantly.

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