How To Recharge Fastag Through Freecharge App

Many times you may have to cross highways for business or personal trips. While crossing these highways, the vehicle owners have to pay some fees as the charge of using or traveling through these highways. This charge is known as toll tax or simply toll. This toll tax is mainly collected for the modernization and … Read more Fastag Local & Monthly Pass – How to Make and Recharge Online, Toll Plaza Fastag Local & Monthly Pass

What is Fastag Monthly Pass Creating a Fastag Monthly Pass by visiting Toll Plaza Creating Fastag Monthly Pass Online Documents required for Fastag Monthly Pass Benefits of Fastag Monthly Pass How to activate and deactivate Fastag Monthly Pass Fastag Monthly Pass Toll Charges Local Commerical Fastag Monthly Pass(LCM) How to recharge Fastag Monthly Pass Defense … Read more

How to Check Fastag Balance with Vehicle Number


Ways to Check Fastag Balance with Vehicle Number There are many ways through which you can check the balance of your Fastag using the Vehicle number. Below we have listed some of the popular ways to check the balance in your Fastag using Vehicle Number. Fastag Balance Check with Vehicle Number using Google Pay Fastag … Read more

How to find Fastag Customer ID using Vehicle Number


Fastag is a Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) enabled device that is pasted on the windshield of four-wheeler vehicles and it has been made compulsory by NHAI from 16 Feb 2021 to pay the toll payment at all the toll plazas in India. So since 16 Feb 2021, all toll plazas will collect the toll … Read more

List of Best Cheapest Fastag Service Providers in India 2022

List of Best Cheapest Fastag Service Providers in India

What is a Fastag? As the number of vehicles in India has increased a lot in the last few years, therefore, a lot of time is wasted while traveling through national Highways due to long lines of vehicles waiting for Toll payment. But now the vehicle owners have no need to wait at the toll … Read more

How to Check FASTag Balance in PhonePe App – Customer Care Number


The Road Transport Ministry of India has implemented a new toll collection system in the country in collaboration with NHAI ie. National Highways Authority of India. This new toll collection system is known as Fastag and it is totally electronic. The main objective of this toll collection system is to reduce traffic jams at the … Read more

How to Check Online ICICI Bank Fastag Balance

How to Check Online ICICI Bank Fastag Balance

How to check ICICI Fastag Balance Checking ICICI Fastag Balance through App Checking ICICI Fastag Balance through Miss Call Checking ICICI Fastag Balance through Website Checking ICICI Fastag Balance through SMS FASTag is a prepaid rechargeable tag service for automatic payment of tolls on toll plazas across India. This tag not only saves the driver’s … Read more

How to Login SBI Bank Fastag Account – Individual & Agent Login

To get rid of long lines of vehicles at toll plazas for paying toll fees and to save time and fuel, NHAI developed a new system of paying toll tax which is an electronic system and is known as Fastag. Fastag has been started throughout India at all the toll plazas. After the implementation of … Read more

How to Recharge NETC Fastag through Google Pay (Gpay) – Step by Step Guide


Documents required for Creating Fastag Using Google Pay Benefits of Using Google Pay Fastag How to buy Fastag from Google Pay How to recharge Fastag using Google Pay Due to problems of collection of toll at toll plazas on the National Highways of India, the Fastag system has been introduced. With the help of Fastag, … Read more