List of Best Cheapest Fastag Service Providers in India 2023

List of Best Cheapest Fastag Service Providers in India

What is a Fastag? As the number of vehicles in India has increased a lot in the last few years, a lot of time is wasted while traveling through national highways due to long lines of vehicles waiting for toll payments. But now, vehicle owners do not need to stay at the toll plazas to … Read more

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Fastag is an electronic device that has made it easy for vehicle owners to pay toll taxes at the toll plazas in India. Because no manual work is involved in producing the toll through Fastag, vehicle owners can commute through the National Highways of India quickly. Fastag users come across various situations in which they … Read more

How to Download ICICI Bank Fastag Statement and Transaction History Online

How to Download ICICI Bank Fastag Statement Online

If you own a Four wheeler vehicle, then you must have a Fastag device installed on the windscreen of your vehicle to make the automatic toll payment at the toll plazas. When you cross a toll plaza and toll payment is deducted from your Fastag account, then a message is sent to your registered mobile … Read more Fastag Local & Monthly Pass – How to Make and Recharge Online, Toll Plaza Fastag Local & Monthly Pass

Defense officials have to declare or give proof that they are traveling for service reasons. Only then they will be eligible for exemption from Fastag. Defense officials who cross a toll plaza while not on duty will not be able to get the benefit of exempted Fastag. It is required for every four-wheeler vehicle in … Read more

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Since Fastag has been made compulsory by the Indian Government for all vehicles traveling through toll plazas which come under the National Highways Authority of India, it became a well-known method for the vehicle owners for the electronic payment of toll tax. Although Fastag is now widely used in India on all types of vehicles … Read more

How to Recharge City Union Bank (CUB) Fastag through Amazon Pay

How to Recharge Fastag through Amazon Pay

NHAI i.e National Highways Authority of India has made Fastag compulsory and Fastag has already proven beneficial for both vehicle owners as well the Government. Fastag is an electronic toll collection system. With this device, you can travel through tolls without stopping. When using Fastag, the first thing the vehicle owners should do is to … Read more