How to recharge Fastag using Kotak Mahindra Bank Mobile App

If you have a vehicle and still haven’t installed Fastag on it, then you will have to waste a lot of time in queues at the toll plazas waiting for the payment of toll tax and also may have to pay double toll tax as a penalty. Therefore Fastag is now a must for all … Read more

How to Recharge Fastag using Bank of Baroda (BOB) M Connect Plus

Fastag allows electronic payment of tolls on all toll roads in India. With Fastag it is not necessary to stop paying at any toll plaza. To be able to use it, you only need an electronic device that you must place on the windshield. Fastag offers different discount advantages on different routes. To use Fastag, … Read more

How to Check FASTag Balance in Google Pay

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways came up with a new system to avoid queues at the toll plazas. This system was originated in the year 2014 in few major cities of India and is was named Fastag. Fastag is an electronic toll collection system that makes it easy to pay toll taxes at the … Read more

Park+ Plus – Buy Fastag, Book Car parking, Car wash

Car is the most convenient and best vehicle for traveling. Although cars make your travel easy but there are many problems associated with owning a car and traveling through it. Some of these are like parking car, washing, insurance, etc. Here comes the need for Park+ which is a platform based on the mobile app … Read more

How to Recharge Fastag using ICICI Bank iMobile App

What is a Fastag A new electronic toll collection system known as Fastag has been implemented all across India for the four-wheeler vehicle and it is now a must for all vehicles to have Fastag enabled on the windscreen of these vehicles to make the automatic toll plazas. Although adoption of Fastag device is now … Read more

List of Best Fastag Service Providers in India 2022

What is a Fastag As the number of vehicles in India has increased a lot in the last few years, therefore, a lot of time is wasted while traveling through national Highways due to long lines of vehicles waiting for Toll payment. But now the vehicle owners have no need to wait at the toll … Read more

How to Transfer Fastag Ownership from one user to Another

What is a Fastag Since 15 Feb 2021, the payment of Toll tax at the Toll plazas is completely cashless and you can now make the toll fees electronically with help of a new device known as Fastag. Fastag is a new electronic device that can be purchased from many banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI … Read more

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Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has implemented a new toll collection system in India to encourage electronic payment at the toll plazas. This new system of toll collection is known as Fastag and it is operated by the National Highway Authority of India i.e. NHAI. Fastag device helps you to make the toll payment … Read more

Freecharge FASTag Recharge Cashback Offers – Get 10% Cashback up to Rs 30

How to Redeem 10% Cashback Download or update the Freecharge App from play store. Log into your account and on the home page click on the “FASTag Recharge” icon. After selecting the preferred icon and entering relevant details for FASTag Recharge, proceed for the payment to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is completed, Freecharge … Read more

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Fastag is a device that allows you to make the toll payment at the toll plazas electronically. With the help of the Fastag device enabled on your vehicle, you can enter and exit the toll plaza through exclusive lanes without having to stop in order to make the toll payment. Fastag device is pasted on … Read more

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Fastag is an electronic device that has made it very easy for vehicle owners to pay toll tax at the Toll plazas in India. Because there is absolutely no manual work involved in making the toll payment through Fastgag, vehicle owners can commute through the National Highways of India quickly. Fastag users come across various … Read more

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Fastag is a device that helps you to pay toll fees automatically at the toll plazas any time without any need to stop your vehicle. With Fastag you can circulate between any toll plazas in India and enjoy the hassle-free journey because there is no manual work involved while making toll payments through Fastag. The … Read more

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Fastag is an electronic sticker type of device which lets you cross the tolls without stopping or touching any payment machine. So if you have a vehicle, travel frequently through toll plazas then Fastag is the best way to travel as it saves your time. The Government of India has announced Fastag as a new … Read more