Equitas Small Finance Bank Fastag Customer Care Toll Free Number

Customer Care Helpline No : 1800 103 1222

Vehicle owners can buy Fastag from Equitas bank, which is necessary for toll payment at the toll plazas in India.

Any bank or other service provider which offers Fastag services to vehicle owners should think about providing a good customer support service also. Equitas Bank has a high-quality Customer Care service which is needed for many questions and issues regarding Fastag.

Some of the problems and situations for which, a user may need the services of Equitas bank Customer Care are:

  • How to buy a new Fastag from Equitas Bank
  • How to Recharge Equitas Bank Fastag
  • How to Check the Balance of Equitas Bank Fastag
  • What to do if your Equitas Bank Fastag blacklisted
  • What to do in Case of Wrong Deduction of Money from Equitas Bank Fastag and a lot more.

When you choose the services of a Fastag service provider like Equitas Bank, then you should pay attention to its Customer Support. A good Customer Care service must know the needs of its customers and is always ready for the customers to meet their needs and solve their doubts. Luckily, the Customer Care service of Equitas Bank has all these qualities.

Equitas Bank Fastag Customer Care Options

The number of Fastag service providers is growing rapidly in India and so is the list of services provided by them. Customer Care of Fastag Service providers is on top of this list when a vehicle owner chooses a bank like Equitas Bank for buying Fastag.

From the Telephone, Email to the FAQs section, there are a lot of ways in which a user can get assistance from Equitas Bank. Below we will explain these methods of contacting Equitas Bank Fastag Customer Care.

Equitas Bank Fastag Customer Care Number: 1800 103 1222

Equitas Bank completely understands that customer care is a fundamental element of any top Fastag provider mainly for those who have not purchased a Fastag yet or have purchased it recently. There are many doubts and queries for which you may want to have more information. To solve your problems related to Fastag, Equitas Bank has a customer care number that can be accessed by dialling this number 1800 103 1222.

By calling this number, the customer care service of Equitas Bank usually answers promptly and gives explanations to your questions in a very professional way. Whether you have questions regarding purchasing a new Fastag, recharging your Fastag, checking your balance, wrong deduction, etc, Fastag Customer Care of Equitas bank resolves any issues quickly.

Equitas Bank Fastag Customer Care Email

There is no direct email address of Equitas Bank Fastag Customer care for Fastag-related issues. But they have an Enquiry Form which you can check from here: www.equitasbank.com/enquiry

When you open the above link on your desktop or mobile advice, a form will appear where you will see various fields like Type of Enquiry, Name, Address, City Message, etc.

In the message box, you will have to give details about your problems regarding Equitas Bank Fastag. The Enquiry Form of Equitas Bank is one of the reliable ways of getting answers to your Fastag-related problem. But unlike contacting customer support service through email, you will not be able to get the real-time response through Equitas Bank Enquiry Form because it may take up to 24 hours to get a response.

Equitas Bank Fastag FAQ section

All top Fastag providers have a FAQ section listed on their official portal. Equitas Bank also has a dedicated FAQ section on its official website. This FAQ section contains all the main questions related to Fastag. Equitas Bank’s FAQ section tries to solve all the important queries of Fastag users. By accessing this FAQ section, Equitas Bank Fastag users can get the solution to their Fastag-related problems in only a few minutes and also at any time. You can check the FAQ section of Equitas Bank here www.equitasbank.com/fastag-faqs

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