HDFC Bank Fastag Recharge Cashback Offers for New and Existing Customers

Fastag is a device that allows you to make the toll payment at the toll plazas electronically. With the help of the Fastag device enabled on your vehicle, you can enter and exit the toll plaza through exclusive lanes without having to stop in order to make the toll payment.

Fastag device is pasted on the windshield of your vehicle and it uses Radio Frequency Identification Technology i.e RFID in it. While crossing a toll plaza the signals that emerged from the Fastag device are detected by the scanners at the toll plazas and the toll fees are automatically charged from your Fastag card.

As there are a lot of providers which issues Fastag and they give various type of offers to attract their existing as well as new customers. As the number and type of these offers are huge, so the question arises where to find and choose the best offers. Here in this article, we will explain in detail how to get the best Fastag offers of HDFC bank and how to redeem them.

Fastag service providers like HDFC bank provide these offers to attract and retain their customers. A great offer is the best way to keep the interest of the customers.

To choose the best Fastag offers by any provider including HDFC Bank, customers must consider which offer meets their needs and expectations. Like most of the Fastag providers, HDFC bank tries to give their best possible to all existing as well as new customers who decide to purchase Fastag from this bank. Here comes the need for offers which come in several forms at HDFC bank. The main purpose of these offers is to lure vehicle owners to buy Fastag from HDFC bank. HDFC bank is always careful about the needs of its Fastag users and provides different types of offers to them. Below we have listed some of the best offers that HDFC bank providers to its Fastag customers. We regularly keep a check on HDFC Bank Fastag recharge offers and update them from time to time.

HDFC Bank Fastag recharge cashback offer

The most popular type of offer provided by HDFC bank to its Fastag customers is the cashback offer. Cashback offers by HDFC are further categorized into various types. Cashback offers plays a big role to help Fastag customers keep motivated when they invested money to recharge their wallet. Some of the Fastag cashback offers from HDFC bank are:

HDFC bank Fastag cashback offer on First Recharge

A cashback offer is usually defined as the offer that comes in the form of money back that is transferred to your account upon meeting certain conditions. This is undoubtedly one of the most important offers that a Fastag user can get from the HDFC bank. When a vehicle owner purchases a Fastag from HDFC bank and recharges it for the first time then he will get a cashback of up to Rs. 100

HDFC bank Fastag cashback offer on Wallet Reload/Recharge

When you reload or recharge your Fastag again by using HDFC Bank Debit or credit card then a cashback of 5% will be transferred to your account. To avail this cashback offer you must reload or recharge your HDFC bank Fastag with a minimum amount of Rs. 1,000 through Credit card or Debit. You will get a maximum of Rs. 100 cashback under this offer.

HDFC bank Fastag cashback offer on the transaction

When you cross a toll plaza in a vehicle enabled with HDFC Bank Fastag, then the toll payment is automatically charged from your Fastag wallet. HDFC Bank gives a cashback offer of 2.5% to all its Fastag customers. It means that every time you travel through a toll plaza and make the toll payment, then the HDFC bank will transfer a cashback of 2.5% for each transaction into your account.

HDFC bank Fastag recharge offer Payzapp app

HDFC bank has a dedicated app named Payzapp for mobile users. With the help of this app, you can perform all the Fastag related tasks like recharging your Fastag, checking balance, etc. With the help of this mobile app of HDFC bank, you can easily recharge your Fastag very quickly. When you recharge or add money into your Fastag through the mobile app of HDFC bank, then you will get a cashback of 10% up to Rs. 75.

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