How to Activate Blacklisted HDFC Fastag

FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India run by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). Under this, toll payment is made directly from the wallet with the help of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). FASTag works by radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The FASTag is attached to the vehicle’s windscreen and the vehicle can be crossed to the toll plaza without stopping for transactions.

Money deducted from FASTag while crossing a toll plaza is not deducted directly from your account. When you get a FASTag, then a Prepaid account is created which is like a prepaid wallet. You can recharge this wallet through your bank account, credit card, or debit card. Each time you cross a toll plaza, then the money is deducted from this Wallet. If you are traveling through your vehicle having a Fastag installed on it and you have to cross toll plazas, then you must make sure that your FASTag wallet has sufficient balance in it. If there is not sufficient or minimum balance in your Fastag prepaid account, then your Fastag gets blacklisted.

What is HDFC Fastag Blacklist?

You should have enough balance in your FASTag Wallet. The minimum balance required to avoid your Fastag getting blacklisted is Rs 150 for Car, Jeep, and Van. If there is not Rs 150 in your Fastag Wallet, then your FASTag will be Blacklisted due to low balance.

Once your Fastag gets blacklist, then you may face many problems while crossing a toll plaza. You will not be able to play at the toll plaza due to blacklisted Fastag. You may have to pay the double prize and sometimes have to face a penalty also.

Here we will discuss in detail why a Fastag gets blacklisted again and again and how to reactive it again once it is blacklisted.

Fastag is installed on the windscreen of your vehicle and at the toll plazas this Fastag is scanned through bar code sensors and the desired money is deducted from your Fastag Wallet.

Reasons of Blacklisted HDFC Fastag

Now will talk in detail about the reasons why a Fastag may get blacklisted.

Low Balance

The first and most common reason for getting a Fastag blacklisted is the maintenance of low or insufficient balance in your Fastag Wallet as mentioned above. You must have to maintain at least 100 Rs. balance in your Pre-paid Fastag wallet

Dispute at a particular toll plaza

Suppose you go to a tall plaza and your Fastag works very well, but when you go to another toll plaza then your Fastag doesn’t work well. The Fastag gets blacklisted in this case also. Then you have to identify the reasons why your Fastag doesn’t work on a particular toll plaza. The main reason behind this is that you may have some dues pending at that particular toll plaza. After clearing those dues and balances, you Fastag start working properly at the other toll plaza also. Fastag gets blacklisted at a particular toll plaza due to some technical issues at the particular toll plaza-like problem in the Fastag scanner installed at the toll plazas etc

Fastag Destroyed

The third reason is that while parking your vehicle or while getting the service of your vehicle, it may get destroyed. The bar code of the vehicle gets destroyed while washing during service. As bar code is necessary for scanning at toll plazas, so bar code of Fastag should be clean and without damage while crossing any toll plaza. We may not able to identify the damage of Fastag due to the above reasons, but it only gets identified while crossing any toll plaza. Fastag might also get blacklist due to the above reasons.

No Full KYC

If your account is not full KYC, then it is also another reason why your Fastag gets blacklisted or goes in suspension mode.

Mistakenly Added in Blacklist

Another reason why a Fastag gets blacklist is that you mistakenly added your Fastag to the blacklist.

There are many other reasons behind getting your Fastag blacklisted and these are:

Unregistered tag

If your Fastag is not registered yet, but you paste it on the windscreen of your vehicle, then it gets blacklist.

Wrong VRN

Your Fastag may also get blacklisted if you have mentioned the wrong VRN i.e wrong Vehicle Registration Number. In this case, you have to update your VRN to activate blacklisted Fastag

Wrong Mapper class

If you use the wrong mapper class, For example, you created Fastag for your Car, but then install it on a Truck, then also your Fastag gets blacklisted.

Removing and re-activating Blacklisted HDFC Fastag

Below are various steps through which you can get your Fastag removed from Blacklist.

  • If your Fastag gets disabled by you mistakenly, the First of all you go to the Fastag profile. Here you will see the Activation and Deactivation option. Choose Deactivate Option to remove your Fastag from blacklist.
  • Another reason is that your Fastag becomes deactivate due to low balance, the simple way to reactivate the account is to recharge your Fastag with minimum balance and try to maintain that minimum amount in the future also.
  • If your Fastag gets blacklisted due to in completion of KYC at the bank account, then you have to complete the KYC of your Fastag to get it removed from the blacklist.
  • If there is enough balance in your Fastag, but still it’s showing blacklist, then for this you can call the toll-free customer care or Free 1033 helpline number. By clicking on this number you get this solution of all queries related to Fastag.
  • Sometimes a Fastag may also be disabled by the issuing bank or POS, due to not fulling some conditions. In such cases, you have to fulfill that conditions. After that, your Fastag will be removed from the blacklist. Once you make a request after fulfilling the desired condition, you can request to the bank for reissuing or to reactivate Fastag.

HDFC Fastag Blacklisted FAQs

Why my Fastag get blacklisted?

There are many reasons for getting a Fastag blacklisted. The most common reason is not having a minimum or ample amount of balance in your Fastag.

How to remove Fastag from the blacklist or how to re-activate it?

If there is no sufficient balance in your Fastag, then you should immediately recharge it with the minimum balance or any amount more than the minimum balance. Once your recharge your Fastag, then it is immediately removed from the blacklist. Remember the minimum balance that is required for you to maintain in Fastag wallet is Rs 150

What is a drawback of getting your Fastag blacklisted?

The main disadvantage of getting your Fastag blacklisted is that you will not be allowed at the toll plazas to pay through Fastag and you may have to pay the penalty or double charge for the toll tax

Can I call customer care to remove Fastag from Blacklist?

As mentioned above, if your Fastag gets blacklisted due to low balance, then you can remove it from the blacklist simply by recharging it. but if your Fastag becomes blacklist due to other reasons like any dispute with a particular toll plaza or some technical issues at the plaza, then for this you can call at the Toll-Free Customer Care number i.e 1033

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