How to File a Complaint for IHMCL Fastag for Wrong Deduction – NHAI Mobile No, Email id

Fastag is an electronic device that has made it very easy for vehicle owners to pay toll tax at the Toll plazas in India. Because there is absolutely no manual work involved in making the toll payment through Fastag, vehicle owners can commute through the National Highways of India quickly.

Fastag users come across various situations in which they are not able to use the services of Fastag properly and face many problems. In this article, we will explain, how Fastag users can register their complaints regarding Fastag problems in various ways.

NHAI Fastag complaints

If you have problems or issues regarding the services of NHAI Fastag, then you don’t have to worry about it because NHAI has provided various methods to the Fastag customers for addressing their complaints. NHAI is ready to provide help for any problem to Fastag users.

Fastag users can report their complaints related to Fastag either online or offline by sitting at their homes. Fastag customers can lodge their complaints about NHAI Fastag through Mobile, Email, etc. Fastag customers can have one or more of the following issues.

  • A toll plaza is not accepting the payment through your Fastag.
  • Your Fastag is blacklisted.
  • The toll plaza is not detecting your Fastag.
  • Any toll plaza is not able to issue monthly pass of Fastag.

If a Fastag user faces any of the above issues or any other problems, then he/she can register a complaint with NHAI and get it resolved quickly.

Fastag Complaint Number – 1033

There are many ways to register Fastag complaints and one of the most common and widely used methods is through the Toll-Free mobile number issued by NHAI. Fastag users just have to dial number 1033 from their registered mobile number or landline to lodge a complaint about any issues that they may encounter while using Fastag.

By dialing this customer care number you will be connected to the executives who are very professional and are ready to answer your queries quickly and very politely. You can tell the issues that you are facing with Fastag and can lodge your complaint. The customer care executive will note down your complaint and you are likely to get a solution to your problem as early as possible.

You can also connect to the customer service of your Fastag service providers like any bank or mobile payment service by dialing the customer care help number of that particular issuer.

List of helpline numbers of various banks that issue Fastag.

Sr No. Issuing Bank Customer Care Helpline No
1 Airtel Payments Bank Fastag 400/8800-688-006
2 Allahabad Bank Fastag 1800-258-6680
3 AU Small Finance Bank Fastag 1800-258-7300
4 Axis Bank Fastag 1860-419-8585
5 Bank of Baroda (BOB) Fastag 1800-103-4568
6 Canara Bank Fastag 1800-103-3568
7 City Union Bank Fastag 1800-258-7200
8 Equitas Small Finance Bank Fastag 1800-103-1222
9 Federal Bank Fastag 1800-266-9520
10 FINO Payments Bank Fastag 022-6868-1414
11 HDFC Bank Fastag 1800-120-1243
12 ICICI Bank Fastag 1800-210-0104
13 IDBI Bank Fastag 1800-266-1962
14 IDFC First Bank Fastag 1800-266-9970
15 IndusInd Bank Fastag 1860-210-8887
16 Karur Vysya Bank Fastag 1800-102-1916
17 Kotak Mahindra Bank Fastag 18-602-666-888
18 Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Fastag 1800-266-7183
19 Paytm Bank Fastag 1800-120-4210
20 Punjab Maharashtra Bank Fastag NA
21 Punjab National Bank Fastag 1800-419-6610
22 Saraswat Bank Fastag 1800-229-999/1800-266-5555
23 South Indian Bank Fastag 1800-425-1809
24 State Bank of India (SBI) Fastag 1800-110-018
25 Syndicate Bank Fastag 1800-3011-3333
26 Union Bank of India Fastag 1800-258-6400
27 Yes Bank Fastag 1800-3000-1113

Fastag Complaint Email id

As mentioned above there is a dedicated phone number for addressing your issues related to Fastag, you can also register your complaints through Email ids. Although there is no dedicated email issued by NHAI, you can lodge your Fastag related complaints through the email id of the Fastag issuing bank like SBI Bank, HDFC, ICICI bank, or any wallet service provider like Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc.

To register your Fastag related complaints you will first have to visit the official website of your Fastag service provider. Then locate the “Contact Us” or “Help” page. Here you will find the customer care email to which you can register a complaint regarding Fastag. You can send your queries or complaints through email 24/7. The response through email is not as quick as through the mobile helpline, but you will surely get a solution to your problem.

SBI FASTag complaint Email ID

You can register your any complaints related to SBI Bank Fastag by sending a message on this email id: [email protected]

Fastag complaint for the wrong deduction or for the double charge

If you have a vehicle and use Fastag, then you might have heard a lot about people having to face the problem of the wrong deduction of money from the Fastag prepaid account. You may have faced this problem yourself that you crossed a toll plaza and receive an SMS alert of the wrong deduction.

You cross a toll plaza once and get an SMS alert for the transaction immediately. Sometimes it may also happen that you receive a message for a double charge after a few minutes i.e money is deducted twice from your Fastag wallet after crossing a toll plaza once.

In such situations, you should register a complaint regarding this immediately. You can choose any of the above-mentioned ways of registering a complaint related to the wrong deduction or for a double charge from your Fastag. You can either dial the NHAI toll-free number i.e 1033, contact the customer care helpline number of the Fastag issuer or send an email to them.

Paytm Fastag Complaint Number

Paytm providers 24/7 assistance to the Fastag users and its customer support service can be accessed through mobile number, email, etc. Paytm has a very quick system to address the complaints of Fastag users. By contacting the customer support service of Paytm, users will be connected to very polite staff and you can lodge your complaints about any issues.

Paytm has issued a toll-free number which is 1800-120-4210. Fastag users have just to dial this number from mobile or landline and lodge their complaints. As mentioned above, the customer support service of Paytm is available any time of the day so by contacting the support service of Paytm, Fastag users can get the proper solution to their Fastag-related issues in no time.

Toll Plaza Fastag Complaint Number

In many situations, you may face Fastag-related problems with a particular Toll plaza. There are cases when issues arise with one or more toll plazas. Sometimes it happens that a toll plaza is not able to scan your Fastag card, blacklists your Fastag, deducts double charge, or can not issue a monthly pass, etc. In these conditions, you have to lodge a complaint about that Toll plaza.

The simplest way of doing that is again by contacting the Toll-Free customer care number issued by NHAI. In most cases like if double money is charged up from your Fastag account, then the NHAI contacts it with the toll plaza through your Fastag issuing bank. Because all these kinds of issues will be resolved at your Fastag service provider only, so NHAI resolves these problems by contracting them.

An alternative option is to directly contact the customer care helpline number of your Fastag issuer. After registering your complaint to the bank for any toll plaza, they will sort it by making direct contact with the toll plaza at which you faced the particular issue.

34 thoughts on “How to File a Complaint for IHMCL Fastag for Wrong Deduction – NHAI Mobile No, Email id”

  1. The IDFC FIRST BANK HAS BLACKLISTED my fast tag without information and the customer service is never reachable on the number 1800 266 9970. If they really dont want to help then why they act they really care. What can be done? The most pathetic bank I have come across.


    • If you didn’t get any response by calling the above toll free number of IDFC First Bank, then you can send an email to the bank at this address: etollservices[@]
      You will definitely get a reply by sending a message to this email id.

      • Even this mail id never responds. It has been 20 days that I have requested them to close my fastag but they are saying it’s still in process. I have written more than 20 mails to IDFC, but no response from them. Horrible bank services.

  2. I have been using HDFC FastTag. Sometimes, it has been found that while crossing the Toll Plaza, wrong amounts have been deducted. I tried to put it through helpline number 1033 but the issue is not solved yet. Can Admin sort this problem out? Thank you.

  3. Im trying to contact my fasttag issuer (airtel payments bank) but they are not responding well. My issues are about fraud transaction and toll deduction when my vehicle is parked at home. But no one seems to be interested resolving complaint.Can i contact central authority regarding this or should file a complaint to cyber crime police department??

    • Regarding this issue you should contact the toll free helpline number of National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), i.e 1033. They will provide you the solution for all your problems.

  4. from past two months i am taking follow up with AXIS Bank of not recharging g my fast tag ID till date i do not got any resolution every time i cross toll i have to pay penality . inspite of no fault of mine all my KYC are updated . kindly let me know where i approach to get rid of this harassment which every time i face while travelling with family and crossing Tools

  5. Hi ,
    I just want to raise an issue as to why when the balance is low in Fastag, the board at the Fastag toll counter shows “Blacklist” , and the toll booth person says as well , “It is blacklisted” , I mean you tell me is it really nice a good to hear that the consumer is Blacklisted . This word blacklist , you may know yourself, is used for people who have done or were involved into some fraud.

    So I would like to request you to please change it to something like , insufficient balance or No balance or Low balance.

    It is very uncomfortable to hear such words like “tag is blacklisted” at the toll booth .

    I hope you understand and will change it to some other word other than Blacklist.

    Thanks and regards

  6. I was travelling on 16/4/2022 from khed shivapur toll plaza. Not carried fast tag. Paid in cash. With fine. When returned home and seen messages got the message that toll is being deducted from my fast tag A /C taken from BOB.
    How amount is deducted without showing fast tag?
    How can I get refund in my account?
    Veg no . MH 12 H N ****
    Please guide

  7. Hi,

    I am Madhu from Tirupai, (A.P.), while going to chennai from Tirupai Natioanl High Way 716A via Puttur, we have one toll plaza called as SV Puram Toll Plaza, before 1 km going to reach Toll Plaza, near by Vadamala Peta Village on highway, we have lot of traffic issues because of fruit sellers, they would sell block the high way road and stoping the heavy lorries, cars, containers ec both the sides, even local police also warned them somany times as their level best, but no use.

    In case of any emergency if any ambulances, fire ingines or any govt official would go through this high way it is very risky because of these fruit sellers. National Highways must use for People has to go for safe journey and we are paying the taxes for the same reason.

    Please take an immediate action and implement it as going forword should not repeat the issue with the fruit sellers. Thank you

  8. I am a non-personal user for Fastag, and loading company GST certificate as address proof and PAN card for ID proof from IHMCL web portal. But it looks that person who is checking the KYC document as well as person at 1033 customer care, are seeing PAN card in address proof and GST certificate in ID – this could be due to some defect in software or some other reason. And hence they are rejecting the KYC again and again. Calling to 1033 is also not helping as they are saying to load document in correct place and not understanding the problem is with their portal. So, they are not able to get the KYC done and hence card is not usable. Please suggest how to get this resolved.

  9. my vehicle number MH43AF**** i hv called for complain as double charged /deduction at vashi toll – your customer care took the complaint and gave me complaint number.

    But he told me i should forward complaint number on whats app number “7303090358” also you hv to send RAC Photo copy + car front and back photo. First number is not working on whatsapp – also my mobile number is register with the car number. so why should i go with all procedure. you just investigate and credit the amount

    For just Rs 40 so much harassment.

  10. I have replaced my icici fastag today due to nontracesable reasions at kaniyoor toll plaza today 07. 06. 2022. The person who did the work collected rs. 100/ from me and gave me the tag serial no. 607417-022-******* at about 1. 30pm.

    now i have the following problems:
    1. I received a message as my tag no. 122***** at1. 57pm, is it right but the numbers are differs in actual and message and let me know which one is correct and how canget this solved.
    2. Again i received one message at 5. 12 pm telling that my fastag has been deactivated due to low balance even though i have deposit above rs. 700/

    3. When i contacted the customer care number, one mr. Maaz told me that the current balance as rs. 612/- after deducting the charges for this fastag replacement even though they collected rs. 100/ cash at toll plaza. I requested him to revert the amount rs. 100/ deducted excess, but he asked me to go to the particular person and to make complaint and if not resolved to contact 1033.

    now i see the system is making the icici fastag users handicapped, see how can i do it now worthfully. So i request the concerned to correct the wrong doing and reverse the excess amount collected from me. I strongly believe that these all are traceable by the authorities and they can find the fact and correct.

    kindly reverse the excess amount collected from me. And give the email id openly to lodge the complaint.

    • If your money is deducted at the toll plaza then you should contact at the toll free helpline i.e 1033. They will definitely resolve your problem and your money will be refunded to you.

  11. Can anyone scan my fastage and deducted amount from my wallet.

    As recently show one of vedio , on highway roadside boy scan the fastage thru the cleaning of windshild.
    So it’s be possible thru in parking as well. Is there any lock option of the fastage

  12. Dear team
    i have bought fastag at bhaghan tool plaza on 18 June 2022 at morning hours.
    kotak Mahindra bank fast tag a person has charged me RS 500 & Rs 1500 for recharge
    i have received total in my fast tag account RS 1650 only he assured me i will get more later.
    Which i never got.
    19 June 2022 my travel was completed at Srinagar & in my fast tag account balance was
    RS 400. On 6, July my fast tag was used for rs 95 rs 50 & on 8, july it was again used for rs 95 & rs 50. So far, i have complained & have sent all photos Rc of my car photos mobil no 73*********. Until date, nothing has happened. i hope NHAI take quick action against these people who do all this with customers. & selling fast tages on tool plaza

  13. Hi

    My Vehicle MH 14 ***** cross your toll on 16th July 2022 however toll is two times deducted with Rs. 41.75 & Rs. 58.25. Please refund me back my money.

  14. Hi,

    I got the Fastag with Airtel No. and unfortunately its not in use. Im not able to know my balance of my fastag account. Pls help me how can i update with the new phone no.

    Thank you,

  15. My vehicle no is MH15**** today I have received msg rs 75 deducted at toll Tasawade toll plaza. I am not trave and my vehicle is parked at my house. How is it possible pl look into the matter and refund my amount.

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