How to Recharge your Fastag using Digipay Axis Bank

With the help of Fastag, the traffic jams at the toll plazas can be reduced and by taking this into mind the Transport Ministry of India along with the National Highways Authority of India i.e NHAI has started an electronic toll collection system which is known as Fastag.

Fastag is a rechargeable card that is attached to the windshield of your four-wheeled vehicle. Fastag is an electronic device that is used for toll collection at the toll plazas. By linking your Fastag card with your bank account or prepaid account the toll payment will automatically will de be deducted from your this prepaid account. In this way, with the help of Fastag, you can make the toll payment without stopping at the toll plaza.

The collection of toll tax through Fastag has already been started at all the toll plazas of India. The Government implemented this Fastag system under the Electronic Toll collection system. People had to face many problems while paying toll tax before Fastag like they had to keep cash money, they had to keep change money, they had to face traffic jams at toll plazas and a lot more issues. In order to sort all these issues associated with paying toll tax, the Fastag device was launched.

Another motive of launching the Fastag by the Government was to make the toll collection digitally so that vehicle owners can pay toll tax without any pause at the toll plazas. As mentioned above Fastag is linked to a prepaid account, it has to be recharged when the amount in it becomes low.

Here in this article, we will explain in detail how you can recharge your Fastag using Digipay Axis Bank. Before that, we will give a brief overview of What is Digipay.

What is Axix Bank Digipay?

NPCI i.e National Payment Corporation of India has started an Aandhar Card-based payment system in collaboration with many banks including Axis Bank. This Aadhar bases system provides many facilities for online transactions. With the help of this Aadhar based digital system of Digipay, we can make transactions at banks without going to bank and waiting in the queue. It is very easy to do transactions using Digipay.

With the help of Digipay, it is possible to check the bank account balance, to withdraw money just with the help of an Aadhar Number and a fingerprint. With the help of Digipay it is also possible to withdraw money from the bank account of any customer with the help of knowing his Aadhar number and getting his fingerprint. In order to use the services of Digipay, like withdrawing money with the help of Aadhar number, it is a must to link your Aadhdar card with the bank account.

Axis bank has also incorporated this Digipay system into its banking facility to offer great and easy banking to it customers.

Digipay Axis Bank Fastag recharge

Follow the below steps to recharge your Fastag using Axis bank Digipay.

  • Visit the official Fastag portal of Digipay Axis bank through this link:
  • Here you will have to enter any of these User ID, Wallet ID, Vehicle Numbers, Mobile numbers to log in to your Fastag account of Axis Bank.
  • Then you will have to verify the OTP sent on your registered mobile number and also verify the CAPTCHA code.
  • After that, you have to enter the recharge amount.
  • Then click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Your Fastag recharge through Digipay Axis bank will be done.

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