UCO Bank Fastag – How to Recharge & Check Balance

Fastag is a system launched by NHAI with the help of which it is possible for four-wheeler vehicles to travel on the highways without stopping at the toll plazas, as it automatically detects entry of a vehicle and the toll tax will be charged directly from your account of Fastag.

Fastag without a doubt is a very useful device for those traveling on the highways because it allows them to pay the toll by avoiding queues and cash payments.

Fastag is simply an electronic toll collection system that is in a rectangular-shaped sticker which is detected by the sensors used at the toll plazas, with the help of Radio Frequency Identification technology(RFID). When the sensors at the toll plazas scan the Fastag on a vehicle, the toll collection system charges the toll payment directly from the account of Fastag. For all this process of automatic deduction of toll tax, the vehicle owner has no need to stop at the toll plazas and has to wait in the queue.

The Fastag must be placed on the windscreen of your vehicle with adhesive tape. The best place to affix the Fastag is the center of the windscreen at the top near the rearview mirror of your vehicle.

How to apply Fastag from UCO Bank

There are many ways to get a new Fastag for your vehicle.

It is possible to apply the Fastag from many places. Like you can apply for a Fastag offline from various banks like SBI Bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, UCO Bank, etc. For this, you have to visit the branch of Bank eg. UCO Bank where you have to submit all the necessary documents by filling the application form of requesting a Fastag.

You can also find the Point of Sales centers of UCO bank at the different toll plazas when you travel on highways. From these POS centers you can get a Fastag immediately by filling a form and submitting the required documents.

Documents required for purchasing Fastag from UCO Bank

To purchase or apply a Fastag from UCO Bank, a vehicle owner or applicant needs the following documents:

Documents related to Registration of the vehicle. For this, the applicant must have the Original as well as the scanned copy of the RC of the vehicle.
Passport size photograph of the Fastag applicant i.e owner of the vehicle.
Documents of ID proof and KYC update documents like Address Proof, Voter Card, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, etc.

How to recharge UCO Bank Fastag

Since UCO Bank doesn’t have its own official Fastag portal so any Fastag user will not be able to recharge their Fastag online through UCO Bank, but still there are many other ways to recharge your Fastag and these are mentioned below:

Recharging UCO Bank Fastag through Paytm

Most mobile users must be aware of how to recharge their Mobile from the Paytm app. Similarly, they can recharge their UCO Bank Fastag through the Paytm app. The steps to recharge UCO Bank Fastag through Paytm App are as below:

  • Download and Install Paytm App on your Mobile, if it’s not already installed.
  • After installing the Paytm app, open it.
  • On the Home screen of your Paytm App, you will See the ‘More’ option under three dots (.)
  • After clicking on the ‘More’ option a new screen will open up.
  • By scrolling down in the new screen, You will see the ‘Fastag Recharge’ option under the ‘Recharge & Pay Bills’ section
  • When you click on the ‘Fastag Recharge’ option, you will see a list of various banks.
  • From this list, select your Fastag Issuing Bank i.e UCO Bank.
  • Now you have to enter your Vehicle Number.
  • Then you have to enter the recharge ‘Amount’ and Click on the ‘Proceed’ Option.
  • Your UCO Bank Fastag will now be recharged using Paytm App.

Recharging UCO Bank Fastag through UPI ID

Your UCO Bank Fastag can also be recharged from any of the UPI Based apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, BHIM UPI by entering your UPI ID. The steps to recharge UCO Bank Fastag through UPI are explained below:

  • Open any of the UPI App installed on your Mobile Phone.
  • After opening the UPI App, you will see a ‘Pay’ or ‘Send’ option there.
  • Here you have to enter your UPI ID which you can create while purchasing Fastag from UCO Bank.
  • This UPI ID is created with the name of the Fastag issuing bank ie. UCO Bank in this article.
  • The format of UCO Bank Fastag UPI ID is Netc.vehiclenumber@BankUPIHandle eg. NETC.MH126245@uco
  • After entering the UPI ID of your UCO Bank Fastag, you have to enter the recharge amount which can be Rs. 100 to Rs. 1 Lakh depending upon the type of KYC you have updated with the bank.
  • Now proceed with the payment and after that, your UCO Bank Fastag recharge through UPI ID will be completed.

UCO Bank Fastag Charges

While applying for a Fastag from UCO Bank, an applicant has to pay some fees. This fee has been fixed by the UCO Bank under the guidelines for purchasing a Fastag for four or more wheeled vehicles.

Before you purchase a Fastag from UCO Bank, you have to tag joining fees of Rs. 100
Then you will have to deposit a security fee of Rs. 200 to Rs. 500 depending upon the type of vehicle for which you are purchasing a Fastag from UCO Bank.
You will have to pay a minimum threshold amount or first recharge amount of Rs. 100 to Rs. 300 while purchasing Fastag from UCO Bank.

  • One-time UCO Bank Fastag joining fees: Rs. 100
  • Fastag security deposit (This security fee will be refunded when you close your Fastag account with UCO Bank): Rs. 200 to Rs. 500
  • Minimum First Time Recharge: Rs. 100 to Rs. 300

How to check UCO Bank Fastag Balance

As mentioned UCO Bank doesn’t have its Fastag portal, so it is not possible to check the Fastag balance online through UCO Bank. But many other methods of checking the UCO Bank Fastag Balance are mentioned below:

Checking UCO Bank Fastag Balance through MyFastag apply

  • First of all download and install the MyFastag app from the Google Play store into your mobile phone
  • After downloading and installing the MyFastag app, enter your login details to login into the app.
  • After login, you will see the balance in your UCO Bank Fastag in the ‘My Profile’ section

Checking UCO Bank Fastag Balance through Miss Call Facility

The UCO Bank Fastag customers can get the benefit of the NHAI Miss Call Facility for checking how much balance is left in their Fastag wallet. If your UCO Bank Fastag is linked with NHAI, then the users can check the balance in their Fastag account by giving a miss on this number +91-8884333331 which is issued by the NHAI

Checking UCO Bank Fastag through SMS

SMS alerts are sent to the UCO Bank Fastag customers on their registered mobile number every time they cross a toll plaza and the money is deducted from their Fastag wallet. In this SMS all details about that particular transaction at a toll plaza are mentioned along with the balance left in the Fastag wallet.

Benefits of UCO Bank Fastag

Many benefits that a Fastag user will get after purchasing a Fastag from UCO Bank are mentioned below:

  • Fastag allows the passage and payment at any toll plaza without queuing or waiting for a long.
  • With no need to wait in long lines, the UCO Bank Fastag users will be able to save their time as well as Fuel
  • Since the toll tax is paid digitally through Fastag, so there is no need to keep the change or cash money for the toll payment.
  • Fastag users including those who purchased Fastag from UCO Bank can track their vehicle in case it is lost or stolen when that vehicle crosses a toll plaza
  • The users can keep track of the balance and other details about their Fastag through the SMS alerts sent on their Mobile phone
  • Various concessions and cashback offers are also provided by UCO Bank to its Fastag customers.

How to activate blacklisted UCO Bank Fastag

As the Fastag system was launched to allow the vehicle owners to travel fastly on highways by paying toll tax at the toll plazas digitally, so to get this facility the uses must have a minimum balance in their UCO Bank Fastag. If there is no minimum amount in the Fastag while crossing a toll plaza, then the Fastag may become blacklisted.

The basic requirement of using the services of UCO Bank Fastag is to maintain sufficient balance in it. Therefore if a Fastag is blacklisted due to low balance, then it can be removed from the blacklist by recharging it again. By recharging the Fastag again, it will start working again and can be reused to make payment at the toll plazas.

There may be some other cases when the UCO Bank Fastag gets blacklisted like you purchase a Fastag for one vehicle but paste it on some other vehicle. In such cases, the Fastag can’t be used for toll payment. Therefore a user should avoid not to come across any such situation in order to get a Fastag blacklisted.

UCO Bank Fastag Customer care number

One of the fundamental services that a Fastag user requires from a Fastag provider like UCO Bank is Customer support. The customer support service is really important in case the user has any doubt or difficulty regarding Fastag.

Toll-Free Number: 1800 274 0123

First of all the users can consult the Customer support staff of UCO Bank through the Toll-free number 1800 274 0123. By calling the customer support team at the UCO Bank, you will feel that the staff is very professional and all your problems regarding Fastag will be solved quickly. So if you have any curiosities or questions related to Fastag, then you can choose to contact the UCO Bank Customer support through this toll-free number.

Email: [email protected]

If your question related to Fastag does not require a quick response then you can send an email to the UCO Bank customer support team at this email id [email protected], which will be answered usually within a half-hour to one hour in working days.

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