Delhi to Jaipur Total Toll Charges by Car

Delhi to Jaipur Toll Rate Details

Route Delhi to Jaipur
No. of Toll Gates on route 3
Total Distance in Km 310
Driving Time  5 Hours
Total Toll Cost Rs. 295 For One Side, Rs. 445 for Two side

The distance between Delhi and Jaipur by Car is 310 KM. If you travel from Delhi to Jaipur by Car and keep an average speed of 60 KM per hour, then it will take you approx. 5 hours to cover this distance through NH 48. To cover this journey of 310 KM, you will have to Cross 3 Toll Plazas. The three Tolls that comes on the way from Delhi to Jaipur have different rates for different category of vehicles.

Here we will help you to calculate the total toll charges from Delhi to Jaipur and also mention the breakage of toll charges at these four toll plazas. The three main tolls where you have to pay toll tax on your trip from Delhi to Jaipur are:

Manoharpur Toll Plaza Charges

Manoharpur Toll Plaza is the First Toll Plaza that comes on your trip while going from Delhi to Pink City i.e Jaipur. There was a recent change in the toll charges for vehicles at the Manoharpur toll plaza. The current Toll Tax for vehicles like Car/Jeep at Manoharpur is Rs.75. The old price was Rs.65 which was raised in the year 2022 by Rs.15. Keep in mind, Rs.75 is the toll charge for a single side trip. For a two-way trip, you can get a Toll slip by paying Rs.115. The toll charge for Light Commercial Vehicles at Manoharpur Toll Plaza is Rs.130 for one way. For two way trip, the toll charge is Rs.195.

The toll Price for Vehicles like Buses and Trucks is Rs.265 for a single side and Rs.395 for a two-way trip. You can also get a Monthly Pass facility at the Manoharpur toll plaza which will be best if you travel often through this toll.

Manoharpur Toll Plaza Charges for different vehicles:

  • Car/Jeep: Single Journey – Rs. 75, Two Side Journey – Rs. 115
  • LCV: Single Journey – Rs. 130, Two Side Journey – Rs. 195
  • Bus/Truck: Single Journey – Rs. 265, Two Side Journey – Rs. 395

Shahjahanpur Toll Plaza Charges

The toll charge for crossing Shahjahanpur Toll Plazas in your Car or Jeep will be Rs.155. Rs.235 will be charged for a two-way trip through Shahjahanpur Toll. The two side trip for the LCV category of vehicles at Shahjahanpur requires you to pay Rs. 410 and one way the trip cost is Rs. 275.

Toll Rates for Bus/Truck at Shahjahanpur are Rs. 485 for a single side and Rs.820 for two-way journey. Again, Monthly Pass is also available from your trips across the Shahjahanpur toll plaza.

Shahjahanpur Toll Plaza Charges for different vehicles:

  • Car/Jeep: Single Journey – Rs. 155, Two Side Journey – Rs. 235
  • LCV: Single Journey – Rs. 275, Two Side Journey – Rs. 410
  • Bus/Truck: Single Journey – Rs. 485, Two Side Journey – Rs. 820

Daulatpura Toll Plaza Charges

If you are going to Jaipur from Delhi by Car, then for one side, you will have to pay Rs. 65 at Daulatpura Toll Plaza. The cost of the double-sided journey while crossing the Daulatpura toll plaza is Rs.95.

If are traveling in LCV i.e Light Commercial vehicle through Daulatpura Toll Plaza, then Toll Charge will be Rs.110 for a single side and Rs.165 for two ways.

Daulatpura Toll Plaza, Rs.220 will be cut off from your account if you have a Bus/Truck. The Toll charge for two side trips for Bus/Truck will be Rs.330.

Daulatpura Toll Plaza Charges for different vehicles:

  • Car/Jeep: Single Journey – Rs. 655, Two Side Journey – Rs. 95
  • LCV: Single Journey – Rs. 110, Two Side Journey – Rs. 165
  • Bus/Truck: Single Journey – Rs. 220, Two Side Journey – Rs. 330

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