How to Activate Inactive Central Bank of India (CBI) Fastag

Fastag is a popular device that was invented for automatically paying toll taxes at the toll plazas. With the help of Fastag, it is also possible to pay the toll fees immediately through your prepaid wallet and without having the need to wait in the queues at toll plazas.

Fastag uses a Radio Frequency Identification technology(RFID) that makes communication possible between the Fastag installed on the windscreen of your vehicle and the tracking devices at the toll plazas. When this communication takes place, then the money is automatically paid off from your Fastag account.

This complete process of automatically money deduction is done without putting your wallet in your hand or keeping the change money with you

How to activate Inactive Central Bank of India (CBI) Fastag

Many times it happens that you reach near a toll plaza, but you are not able to make the toll payment and the barrier at the toll booth not rises. This situation may occur if your Fastag is inactive or blacklisted. If your Fastag is inactive, then you will be unable to may the toll payment through it and use its other services.

When your Fastag is inactive then you may have to pay a penalty or have to pay a double toll charge at the toll plaza.

There are many reasons that your Fastag becomes inactive. The most popular reasons of becoming a Fastag inactive are:

  • Not sufficient balance in Fastag
  • Fastag purchased for one vehicle used on another vehicle
  • Fastag is not used for Longtime
  • Due to violating any rule

Not sufficient balance in Fastag

In more than 90% of the cases, the Fastag becomes inactive if a user is not able to maintain sufficient balance in it. There is a minimum recharge amount set by each bank, that must be maintained in your Fastag in order to keep it working and to make the toll payments at the toll collection centers.

Each bank has different requirements as a minimum balance that is must to be kept in it. For example, in some banks, you must maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 200 whereas in some banks the minimum balance required to maintain in Fastag is Rs. 300. The amount of minimum balance required to maintain in Fastag also depends upon the color of Fastag and the type of vehicle for which you have purchased Fastag.

If your Fastag becomes inactivate due to low balance, then there is no need to worry because once you recharge your Fastag again, then your Fastag will be reactivated again and you are ready to pay at the toll plaza through it.

Fastag purchased for one vehicle used on another vehicle

Since Fastag is issued in 7 different colors which depend upon the category of the vehicle, so you must not use a Fastag purchased for one category of the vehicle on another vehicle. For example, if you purchase a Fastag for your Car, but install it on heavy vehicles like trucks or another category vehicle, then your Fastag will become inactive.

The simplest way to avoid such a situation is not to use the different category Fastag on another vehicle. But still, if you do this and your Fastag becomes inactive then you should call the customer care service of your Fastag issuing bank. They will guide you regarding this. The bank will reissue a new Fastag to you by paying the Tag issuance fees of Rs. 100 which you should use only on the vehicle for which it is issued to avoid it becoming inactive again.

Fastag is not used for Longtime

Sometimes your Fastag is not in use for a long time and you have not done recharge in it. This situation may also cause your Fastag to become inactivate. In such a case, you should contact the customer care center of your Fastag service provider and get the proper assistance from them.

Suppose you have not used your Fastag for more than six months then it will become inactivate and will not be allowed to make the toll payment. By contacting the Bank’s customer service they will help you reissuing a new Fastag and if there is a balance in your old Fastag, then this balance will be transferred to your newly issued Fastag.

Due to violating any rule

Another less popular way of becoming your Fastag inactive is that if you don’t follow any rules or violate any rules set by the Fastag issuing bank. This may include, you have not have submitted the proper documents or updated your KYC with the bank.

So if your Fastag becomes inactive due to these reasons, then you should immediately submit the proper and clear scanned documents to reactivate your Fastag.

Many Fastag users have to face a situation that there is sufficient balance in their Fastag but still they are not able to pay the toll fees at the plaza. This may occur due to some technical issue at the toll plaza’s end or any other thing. In such a case, the Fastag user can call the toll-free number 1033 issued by NHAI and get their Fastag reactivated.

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