How to Download HDFC Bank Fastag Statement Online

In Order to pay toll fees on national highways in India, a device known as Fastag has been introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways and is managed by NHAI i.e. National Highways Authority of India. By having HDFC Fastag installed on your four-wheeler vehicle, you can travel hassle-free and don’t have to wait in long lines of toll plazas for making the payment of toll.

If you have four wheeler vehicle and have installed Fastag on it, then it is important for you to keep a check on the balance in your Fastag and know the transaction details.

We will give you complete information about What is HDFC bank Fastag statement, why it is important, and how to download it.

How to download HDFC Bank Fastag Statement?

To download HDFC Bank Fastag statement, you have to follow the below steps:

Visit the Official website of HDFC Bank

First of all you are required to visit the official Fastag portal of HDFC Bank through this link: You simply have to type this link in the browser of your desktop, laptop or mobile phone device.

Enter your details to login

After visiting the official Fastag portal of HDFC, you have to enter your login details i.e. username and password to log in to your account. You will also have to enter your mobile number registered with the HDFC Fastag account and then verify your Time Password (OTP). Once have entered your login details and verified your OTP, you will be logged into your HDFC Bank Fastag portal.

Look for the Statement Option

When you are logged into your HDFC Bank Fastag account, you will have to search for the ‘Statement’ option. In some cases, instead of a Statement option, there may be a Transaction History option. After logging into your HDFC Bank Fastag account, just move to the dashboard and you will find any of the above options. Then simply choose this option.

Choose the Time Period

After choosing any of the above options, you will now have to choose the time period for which you want to check the transaction history and download the statement for HDFC Bank Fastag. For example, say you want to download the HDFC Bank Fastag statement for last month, then select the ‘Last Month’ option or you can simply enter the customized date range.

Generate Fastag Statement

Once you have chosen the time period or date range for which you want to generate the Fastage statement, you will have to click on the ‘Generate Fastag Statement’ option. Upon clicking this option, the process of generating the HDFC Bank Fastag statement starts and the statement will be generated in a few minutes.

Review the Statment Details

When the HDFC Bank Fastag statement is generated after following the above steps, you should check it and review if there are any issues or if something wrong appears to you. If you found anything wrong, then you should immediately contact to the HDFC Bank Fastag customer care helpline number.

Download the HDFC Bank Fastag Statment

Once you are done with generating the HDFC Bank Fastag statement and reviewing it for any issues, you can finally download it. For this, you just have to click on the ‘Download’ or ‘Save’ option. When you click on any of these options, the Fastag statement of your HDFC Bank will be saved to the storage of the device from which you have logged in.

You should regularly keep a check on the transaction history of your Fastag issued by any bank including HDFC bank as this will help you to stay updated with the expenditure done from your Fastag. With this, you will also be able to track if any fraud activities are done through your account.

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