How to Recharge Fastag for Temporary Number

What is a Fastag?

In an order issued by the Road Transport Ministry of India and National Highways Authority of India i.e NHAI, every four-wheeler vehicle which crosses through National Highways must have a Fastag device installed on it. This Fastag device used Radio Frequency technology i.e RFID and it is pasted on the windshield of your vehicle.

The Fastag allows the automatic debit of the toll payment when it comes in contact with the sensors of the toll plazas. This RFID-equipped device i.e Fastag speeds up the movement of vehicles at the toll plazas as the toll payment is now made completely electronically.

When the RFID technology sends a signal to the scanners at the toll plazas, then the money is deducted automatically from your Fastag wallet and the toll barrier is raised up.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss how you can get a Fastag for a temporary number and how to recharge it. But before that, we will give a brief overview of what is a temporary registration number, how to get a temporary number, and a lot more.

What is the Temporary Registration Number of Vehicle?

Each vehicle whether two-wheeler or four-wheeler has a registration number that is unique for every vehicle and depends upon the state or territory in which that vehicle is purchased. As per the rules of the Road Transport Ministry of India, every motor vehicle will be allowed to move or travel in the country only if it is registered with the RTO i.e Regional Transport office. Every vehicle must have a plate both on the front and backside of the vehicle which contains the registration number of that vehicle.

The main motive of giving a unique registration number to each vehicle is that the vehicle is registered with the RTO i.e the Regional Transport Office has all the records about the vehicle including its make, owner’s name, address, year of registration, and lot more details.

With the help of this registration number of the vehicle, it is possible to keep track or identify the owner of the vehicle. This registration number is also helpful in finding the vehicle in case it is lost or stolen.

When we purchase a new vehicle from the dealer then it takes some time to get the permanent registration number of the vehicle. For applying the permanent registration number i.e Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle, we have to submit few documents in the RTO. The process of getting the permanent Registration number takes about 1 month. So till that time, a temporary registration number is issued. Vehicle owners can apply for this temporary registration number on their vehicle and easily roam across anywhere in the Country. This Temporary Registration number is valid for one month.

How to Get a temporary registration number?

The temporary registration number is generally issued to the vehicle owner when he purchases a vehicle from any authorized dealer. So it means that the vehicle owner gets the temporary registration number of the vehicle immediately at the time of purchasing a vehicle. Although this temporary number can be applied to the vehicle, but remember its validity is just for one month. So the vehicle owner must immediately apply for permanent registration by submitting the desired documents, after purchasing the vehicle.

How to apply for a Temporary Registration number?

The vehicle owners have to follow a certain process to apply for the registration number. The steps for applying the registration number are mentioned below:

  • The first step to applying the vehicle registration number is to download the Form 20
  • After downloading form 20 enter all the required information into it.
  • Once you have filled up Form 20, you have to visit the Regional Transport Office i.e RTO.
  • Along with Form 20, you will have to submit the necessary documents like id proof, etc.
  • Now you will have to pay the registration fees which depend upon the type of vehicle.
  • A thorough inspection of your vehicle will be then done.
  • After verification of the vehicle, its details will be entered into the database of RTO.
  • Then the verification of all the details will be done and the process of issuing the registration numbers will be started.
  • You will receive your Vehicle’s Registration Number i.e RC within one month at the address you mentioned in the form.

How To Download Temporary Registration Form Online?

If you want to apply for the Temporary Registration Number of the vehicle, then it is required to download Form 20. You have to follow the below steps to download the Form 20

  • First of all, you have to click on this link:
  • After opening the above website, you will see an option ‘Informational Services’ in the top menu.
  • In the drop-down, you will see ‘About Registration’
  • Here you will see further a list of many options. From these options select ‘Temporary Registration’
  • You will now see all the guidelines of applying for Temporary Registration including the link to download ‘Form 20’

Documents required for Temporary Registration Number

You need the following documents for applying the registration number of the vehicle

  • Form 20: This is the Application form for new vehicle’s registration
  • Form 21: Form 21 will be provided by the vehicle dealer which is basically a sales certificate.
  • Form 22: This form is provided by the manufacturing company of the vehicle and it specifies that the vehicle is worth traveling on roads.
  • Vehicle Owners Photographs: 2 Passport size photographs of the owner of the vehicle.
  • PAN Card: You will need to provide your PAN Number. In case you don’t have a PAN Card, then you will have to fill Form 60.
    PUCC: You will also need PUCC i.e Pollution Under Control Certificate

How to get Fastag for Temporary Number?

As mentioned above when you purchase a vehicle, then a temporary number is issued with it and it takes approximately one month to get a permanent registration number of the vehicle. So the questions come to many people’s minds whether it is possible to get a Fastag and recharge it if it has a temporary number.

Frankly speaking, it is practically not possible to get a Fastag and recharge it if you have a temporary number. Because to apply a new Fastag for the vehicle, you need to submit all the details of the vehicle including permanent registration number, etc.

But still, there are some platforms that allow you to apply for a new Fastag by providing information such as the Engine and Chassis Number of the vehicle. Once you enter this temporary information and get a Fastag, then you can apply it to your vehicle.

When the Permanent Vehicle Registration number is issued to you, then you can update and upgrade your Fastag by entering this permanent registration number.

How to recharge Fastag for temporary Number?

Recharging a Fastag for a temporary number can be done by following the same process, as you follow to recharge a normal Fastag with a permanent registration number. So follow the below steps to recharge Fastag for a temporary number.

  • To recharge your Fastag, you have to open the official website of the platform from where you have applied Fastag.
  • Here you have to make a login by entering your username and Password.
  • A list of various options will be visible to you, from where you have to chose the ‘Payment Option’
  • Now you will have to enter the available details of the vehicle like Temporary Number etc.
  • Then enter the amount that you want to reload in your Fastag with a temporary number.
  • A lot of payment options will be now seen, from which you can select any of your choices like Debit Card, Credit Card, UPI, Net banking, etc.
  • After successful completion of the payment, your Fastag with a temporary number will be recharged.

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