Park Plus Fastag – How to Recharge, Customer Care Number, App Download Guide and Balance check guide

Car is the most convenient and best vehicle for traveling. Although cars make your travel easy but there are many problems associated with owning a car and traveling through it. Some of these are like parking car, washing, insurance, etc. Here comes the need for Park+ which is a platform based on the mobile app and it is a one-stop solution for all your car-related requirements and problems.

Various services and features offered by Park Plus to vehicle owners are:

  • Fastag
  • Car Parking
  • Traffic Challan
  • Car Wash
  • Insurance
  • Car Trade

Park+ Fastag

The most important service offered by Park Plus to the vehicle owners is that they can perform all the Fastag related activities like buying Fastag, recharging, etc. Before we explain to our readers how to buy Fastag using Park+ Plus, we will give an overview of what is a Fastag and why it is required.

What is a Fastag?

Vehicle owners can now travel comfortably through the Toll plazas of the National Highways in India without having to stop to pay the toll charges. This is possible thanks to a new electronic device known as Fastag. Fastag is simply a sticker type of device that is installed on the windscreen of your vehicle. It is important to place the Fastag device on the windscreen of the vehicle so that it is easily readable by the scanners at the toll plazas.

When your vehicle enabled with Fastag device enters in the exclusive Fastag lane of any toll plaza then the toll payment is automatically deducted from your Fastag account after the scanners at the toll plazas scans your Fastag and the toll barrier will be lifted immediately which lets you continue your journey without waiting for a long at the toll plaza. The scanning of Fastag device by the sensors at the toll plazas is made possible through a technology known as RFID i.e Radio Frequency Identification Technology.

Park Plus Fastag Promo Code/Price

Buy Park+ FASTag at  @ ₹ 399 after discount

How to buy Fastag using Park+

Follow the below steps to buy Fastag through Park Plus

  • First of all, open the Park+ app on your mobile or visit the official website of Park+ in your desktop browser through this link:
  • Here you will see the ‘Buy Fastag’ button.
  • After clicking on this button, you will be redirected to a new Window.
  • You will see an application form where you have to enter various information like Delivery Address, Select No. of Fastags to purchase, Apply the Promo Code if any, and then make the desired payment.
  • When you make the payment, you will have to provide all the details about your vehicle including Vehicle Registration No., and upload necessary documents.
  • Once you enter all the required information, you will have to click on the ‘Submit’
  • The process of applying new Fastag through Park+ is now complete and it will be delivered to your doorstep quickly.

Park+ has recently tied up with IDFC Bank to provide Fastags to vehicle owners. By following the above steps, vehicle owners can apply Fastag through IDFC Bank using Park Plus.

Benefits of buying Fastag using Park+

Vehicle owners who purchase Fastag using Park+ will get the following benefits.


There are around 35 banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, and a lot of mobile payment services like Paytm, Google Pay, etc through which you can purchase a new Fastag, but when you purchase a Fastag from these platforms you will have to pay tag joining fees, security fees and recharge with minimum threshold amount.

The total cost of purchasing Fastag from these service providers usually starts from Rs. 500, but when you buy a Fastag from Park+, then you will only have to pay a fee of Rs. 199. You will also get a balance of Rs. 99 with this payment. So the total cost of purchasing Fastag from Park+ is only Rs. 100 which is the cheapest among all the service providers.

Doorstep Delivery

When you are looking to purchase a new Fastag from Park Plus, then you can apply it online from your home through the mobile app of Park+ or the official website. This process is very simple, quick, and requires only a few minutes. The Fastag applied through Park+ will be sent to your mentioned address within a few days.

Easy to Activate

The process of activating the Fastag purchased through Park+ can be activated instantly without having the need to go anywhere. To activate the Fastag you simply have to scan the barcode of Fastag using the Park+ app and your Fastag will be activated immediately.

More than one utility

Fastag purchased from Park+ can be used to perform any task. Although its main use is to make the toll payments at the toll plazas, the Fastag can also be used for other things like making the parking fees, fuel payment at the petrol pumps and a lot more.

Why Choose Park+ Plus Fastag

As mentioned above the cost of purchasing Fastag with Park+ is much less compared to other Fastag providers. In below table, we have listed the price comparison of many top Fastag providers. You can compare these prices with the Fastag Prices of Park+ which will help to decide why it is better to purchase Fastag from Park+.

Tag cost Security deposit First recharge Total cost
HDFC ₹100 ₹200 ₹100 ₹400
ICICI ₹100 ₹200 ₹200 ₹500
Paytm ₹100 ₹250 ₹150 ₹500
Airtel ₹100 ₹200 ₹150 ₹450
Park+ ₹100 ₹99 ₹199

Car Parking with Park+

There is nothing more practical and easy way of traveling than a car but the real problem arises when you have to find a space to park your car. You have to search for a suitable place for parking your car at many places like shopping centers, hotels, train stations, Airports, etc.

Park Plus is here for you to help in this regard. With Park+ Plus you can pre-book a parking space at any of the above-mentioned places and your space for parking will be guaranteed from the comfort of your home.

Time is precious and everyone has limited time in the modern digital era. Finding a parking space is very difficult as well as time-consuming. But with Park Plus you can book parking space with just one click.

How to book parking with Park+

Follow the below steps to book a parking space with Park Plus

  • First of all, open the Park Plus app on your mobile phone or the website on your desktop computer.
  • Now fill in the location where you are looking for a parking place.
  • A list of options appears in front of you.
    From this list, you have to select the area where you want parking space.
  • Select the desired area of parking and click on ‘Book’
  • You also have the option of choosing the time date of parking.
  • In the final step, you will have to make the payment of parking by using any mode of payment.
  • The parking space will now be allocated to you in advance.

Benefits of Car Parking booking with Park+

There are the following benefits of booking a car parking by using Park Plus

The parking area of your choice

When you reserve a car parking area with Park+ Plus then it is certain that you will find a space in the area which you have chosen.

Saves time

When you go to any public place then you many have to wait a long the queues for getting the parking space allotted and making the payment. But when you book a parking space with Park+ then you can do it quickly in no time.


Another advantage of booking parking space with Park Plus is the cost-effectiveness. You will get various discounts and offers on advance booking of car parking.


If you don’t get a parking space at any place instantly at the time you visit it, then you may have to park the car outside the parking area. Sometimes your car may get towed by the traffic police or you may get a challan. But as with Park Plus, you will surely get a parking space so your car is totally safe and secure.

Traffic Challan with Park+

There are many reasons that a challan is issued for your Car. Some of the common reasons for which a challan is issued to your vehicle are:

  • You violate any traffic rules
  • You are caught driving without a driver’s license.
  • You are caught driving over the speed limits.
  • You are drunk while driving
  • Cross Red Lights
  • The insurance policy of your vehicle is expired.

With the help of Park Plus, you can now easily make payment of challan through e-challan.

Before we explain the steps for filling e-challan, we will explain briefly what is e-challan.

What is e-challan

The number of vehicles is increasing in our country day by day. Many vehicles drivers don’t obey the traffic rules and as a result, challans are handed over to them. A few years ago for filling the challan, you had to go to the RTO offices. But now you can make the payment of challan online from your home. This method of filling traffic challan online is known as E-challan. So E-challan can simply be defined as the digital method of paying the challan.

How to pay e-challan through Park+ Plus

Follow the below steps to pay e-challan through Park Plus

  • Open the Park Plus app on your mobile phone.
  • Fill in the registration number of your vehicle.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  • You will be required to verify this OTP.
  • Now you can check all the challans issued against your vehicle.
  • From this list, choose the challans that you want to pay.
  • Now make the payment of challan by using any desired payment method.
  • Your e-challan will be paid using Park+

Car Wash using Park+

With Park Plus you can now book the washing service for your car in advance. You can select the date and time when you want your car to be washed.

Park+ lets you book quick, convenient, and highly professional car washing services that suits your need.

Park Plus offers different types of car wash services to vehicle owners with the best care of their vehicles.

How to book Car Washing with Park+

Follow the below steps to book car wash services with Park Plus

  • Open the Park Plus app on your mobile phone.
  • After opening the app, you have to choose the ‘Daily Car Wash’ option.
  • Now you will see various locations of car washing near to you and plans available in these locations.
  • You can also book a demo for testing.
  • After choosing the ‘Demo’ option you can test the services of any car washing center and later book it for a full package.

Benefits of booking Car Washing service with Park+

You will get the following benefits with Park Plus when you book a car wash online.


By booking the car wash service in advance through Park Plus a lot of time will be saved as you will get the desired time & date of getting your car cleaned.

Comfortable & contactless booking

As mentioned above you can easily book the time & date of car washing. All this can be done quickly and without any hassle from the comfort of your home. There is no need to visit the car washing center physically for the booking of the car washing


Car washing centers listed under Park Plus are completely Eco-Friendly. The material used for car washing is eco-logical. They produce no residues and no water is wasted in car cleaning.

Interior cleaning

Latest generation tools are used by the car washing centers and they ensure the complete cleaning of the interior of the car. These tools are designed for cleaning any kind of dirt from your car. All interior of your car including carpet, dashboard, internal parts, the steering wheel is cleaned thoroughly.

Park+ Plus FASTag Customer Care Number

Email Id : [email protected]

Park+ plus FASTag app download

For iphone  | For Andriod

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  1. Hi Park +

    I purchased a fastag few days ago, however my RC is yet to arrive and I am unable to activate!

    I received an SMS which says ” 3 days left to activate”

    I am not sure to receive my RC in the next 3 days!

    Pls advice further action!

  2. Hi,

    I am using Park+ Fastag. I get cashback (as per offer) after recharging the account, but when I try to use the cashback it deducts from the wallet but after sometime it again shows in my wallet with caption ‘refund of cashback’.
    Please suggest how can I use the cashback?

    Thank you

  3. पार्क प्लस बुम बेरीयर मेरी सोसायटी मे लगा है यह इतनी अच्छा वर्क नहीं करता है निचे एक सेन्सर होता है उसका काम है आपके गाडी़ पे बेरीयर ना गिरे लेकिन वह बेरीयर मेरी गाड़ी पे गीरा ओर गाडीका नुकसान हुआ यही बेरीयर किसी बुजुर्ग आदमी या औरत के ऊपर गिरने से क्या होना था और इनके कर्मचारी ठीक जवाब दे नहीं पाते प्लिज इसे मत लगावो पार्क+ सेफ्टी नहीं है मेरे गाड़ी का व्हिडीओ सोशल मीडिया पर भी शेयर करूँगा

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  5. Maine teen recharge kiye Hain per ek bhi Paisa nahin aaya ek mahine 500 ka kiya tha dusra 250 hoga teesra 750 ka note Fastrack mein paise aaye aur na hi refund hua

  6. see the message received from park+ when there was a balance of Rs.55/-.
    “Rs.250.0/- has been loaded on your IDBI BANK FASTag wallet ending 0528 on 30/07/2022 07:28 via IDBI BANK Account. Available balance is Rs.205.0/- – IDBI BANK.”
    besides, see reply received from park+ when send a mail to sort out this issue and further all screen shots as a matter of proof as they demanded.
    On Wed, 03 Aug 2022 14:44:59 +0530 Park+ Support wrote
    Hi there,
    We would like to inform you that due to inactivity/pending response at your end, your ticket208229 with Park+ has been marked closed. Please feel free to reach out for further concerns.
    Happy to assist and make your car experience super awesome.
    Regards,Team Park+

  7. Hello park+
    As we are travelling today from haryana to amritsar in our car i20(PB02 ******), we are suprised to see our less balance in fastag , so kindly ensure us with the details of cutting of toll tax. we had a recharge of rs1000 in our account and now it has only rs99 left.

  8. On 12 th october seller at “Pilakuwa toll” tell me you will get 2oo Rs cash back after taking a plan of Rs 350 . so I have purchase fasttag of Rs 350. after that i do another recharge of Rs 155. then my total should be 355. and my deduction after using fast tag was 155 + 80 =235 but now my balance is in negative (-30 Rs) which should be 120.

    So please refund my Rs 120 .
    I hope for positive feed back.

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