How to Recharge UCO Bank Fastag through Paytm – Step by Step Guide

The government of India has made Fastag compulsory on all national highways of the country from February 15, 2021. The government has already announced that now the date of installing Fastag on vehicles will not be extended. So if your vehicle does not have Fastag, then you will have to pay double toll tax. The Government has now made a strict declaration regarding Fastag and no relaxation will be given to any vehicle owner who has Fastag not installed on it.

Fastag is used to collect toll tax digitally. It is an electronic toll collection technique. With the help of Fastag it is possible to overcome the long lines of vehicles on the highway. Fastag works on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Fastag can be installed on any Four wheeler vehicle’s windshield. When that vehicle crosses any toll plaza, then the scanner at the toll plaza scans the Fastag and the toll tax will automatically get deducted from your amount.

Fastag can be purchased from many authorized banks, POS, and online sites like Paytm. So here we will explain how you can purchase Fastag from Paytm and how to recharge it.

How to purchase Fastag from Paytm

  • First of all, open the Paytm App on your mobile phone. If you do not have the Paytm app installed on your mobile phone then first download the Paytm app and install it. You can also open the Paytm website directly in a mobile or desktop browser. The Paytm website URL is:
  • After opening the Paytm app you will see an option of Fastag in its main menu by touching the screen on the left side. Click on this Fastag option.
  • When you choose the Fastag option, you will see many options related to FASTag in the Paytm app.
  • You can buy FASTag for your personal car or commercial vehicle from here. If you want to order FASTag for your car or jeep, click on the Buy FASTag for Car option.
  • After this, you will have to give information about your chosen vehicle to Paytm. For this, you use the information given in the RC (Registration Certificate) and upload a scanned copy of it as well.
  • Add Vehicle Number – First type your vehicle registration number here.
  • Upload Front of RC – After this, you have to upload the front part of RC and for this click on the Front Photo of RC and drag the photo. Then touch on the Back Photo of RC to upload the back part.
  • When you enter the registration number, you will see the payment details here like how much charge you have to pay for buying FASTag etc
  • In the next step, you have to enter the delivery address. By Default your delivery address will be the same which you have already entered in Paytm while ordering some product. If you have not already entered your address, then enter the address where you want your Paytm Fastag to be delivered.
  • Finally, you have to click on Buy Now button. As soon as you touch on this button, you will be asked for a payment method. Here you can use Paytm wallet or debit / credit card, net banking.
    Choose the method you want to pay with. After successful payment, the FASTag will be delivered to the mentioned address within few days.

Documents required for purchasing Fastag from Paytm

To buy Fastag from Paytm, you may have to submit the following documents:

  • RC (Registration Certificate) of your vehicle
  • Passport Size Photograph of vehicle’s owner
  • KYC Documents like:
  • Photograph
  • Driving License
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID
  • Aadhar Card

Charges for buying Fastag from Paytm

Many people wanted to buy Fastag from Paytm don’t know how much money they will have to pay to buy it. A person looking to buy Fastag from Paytm will have to pay Rs. 400. The price of Tag is not included in this amount. This actually includes a security deposit of Rs 250.

In addition to this the minimum balance of the Fastag account i.e. Rs 150 is included in it. Paytm also provides a 2.5% cashback facility on all toll transactions done on the National Highway.

It is also important to note that the cashback amount for a particular month will be added to the FasTag linked Paytm wallet at the end of next month.

How Paytm Fastag Works?

  • After receiving the Fastag at your mentioned address, you have to paste it on the windscreen of your vehicle.
  • Now you have to add money to your Paytm Wallet.
  • When you enter a Fastag lane on any toll plaza, then the toll fees will automatically be deducted from your Paytm Fastag account.
  • Once the money gets deducted from your Paytm Fastag account, then the toll plaza barrier will be opened automatically and you can proceed.

Benefits of Paytm Fastag

  • The main advantage of getting Fastag from Paytm is that you will receive it in only 1-2 days after applying. You can also visit any Paytm agent and get Fastag for your vehicle instantly.
  • Paytm users have to face many problems regarding Fastag very often, in such situations, you need help. The helpline service of Paytm is also very good and you can contact Paytm helpline agents any time to get help regarding Fastag related issues.
  • Unlike Fastag from another platform, the benefit of Paytm Fastag is that the toll fees are not deducted from your bank account but it is deducted from Paytm wallet. So your bank account is totally safe and secure.
  • One of the top advantages of Paytm Fastag is that it is very easy and simple to recharge. Paytm Fastag users can recharge their Fastag through net banking, UPI app or you can get a balance from your friends or relative in your Paytm wallet.

How to recharge Fastag from Paytm

It is very easy to recharge from Fastag through Paytm. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps to recharge your Fastag with the help of Paytm

  • After opening the Paytm app on your Mobile phone you will see a Fastag Option on the home screen. You can also search the Fastag by typing in the search box of the Paytm app.
  • If you have to recharge your Fastag wallet, then you will have to click on the ‘Add Money to Fastag’ option.
  • Now you have to enter the amount which you desire to recharge your Fastag with. Add the desired recharge amount here.
  • This amount will be added to your Fastag account and also will be added to your Paytm Wallet. i.e you can use the same both for paying toll fees from your Fastag as well as for making any other transaction through Paytm.
  • In other words, we can say that you can say that the amount that you have already in your Paytm Wallet can also be used for recharging your Fastag.

In addition to this, you can also add money to your Paytm wallet and Fastag account with the help of any debit cards, credit cards, net banking, UPI, etc. An important point to note here is that, if you don’t have money in your Paytm Wallet and you add money into it, then you can use it for paying toll tax only after 20 minutes after adding the money into your Paytm Wallet.

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