ICICI Bank Fastag WhatsApp banking – How to check Fastag balance, apply new Fastag, last 3 transactions, credit card block or unblock

Many banks these days are providing different types of services to their users to make banking easy for them. Many leading banks in India like ICICI bank are providing various services and facilities to the users from the comfort of their homes. One such new type of Service is Whatsapp banking. Like many other major banks in India, ICICI bank has recently started this service for its customers. ICICI Bank is now providing various account-related services to its customers through Whatsapp banking which has really made banking for the users very easy.

Whataspp banking by ICICI bank has brought a revolution in the field of banking. An important thing to note about Whatsapp banking is that no extra fees are charged from the bank users in order to use this service. Whatapp banking is also beneficial for Fastag users and ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking provides a lot of services to Fastag users.

What is ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking?

Before explaining the features and services offered by ICICI Whatsapp banking for Fastag users, we will explain briefly what actually is Whatsapp banking. Whatsapp banking is similar to Netbanking and Mobile banking but it has not become popular yet like this kind of banking because it is relatively very new. With the help of Whatsapp banking of ICICI bank, users can get their bank account-related information like checking balance in their account, etc. To use the Whatsapp banking of ICICI bank, the mobile number of the users with which they are using Whatsapp must be registered with the bank and they have to send a message to the specific number of the bank through their Whatsapp.

How to use ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking

To use the Whatsapp banking services of ICICI Bank, users need to save the mobile number 8640086400 into their contact list and then have to send a message ‘Hi’ from their registered mobile number. To start a discussion with the ICICI bank through the Whatsapp platform, users can also give a miss call or send a text message OPTIN on this number +919542000030. When you start a discussion on this number then you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking.

Fastag services available under ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking

Fastag users can get benefits from various services provided by Whatsapp Banking of ICICI Bank. Some of these services are mentioned below:

  • Fastag users can check all the transactions history and details through Whatsapp banking.
  • With ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking users can also check the balance in their Fastag
  • Whatsapp banking of ICICI bank also gives users the facility of applying a new Fastag
  • Users can also send a request for updating the Vehicle License plate through Whatsapp banking.

How to user ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking Fastag service

To use the Fastag services offered by ICICI Bank Whatsapp Banking, users have to follow the below steps

  • First of all, users have to save the mobile number +918640086400 into their mobile’s contact list
  • After saving the above number, users need to type the message ‘Hi’ and send it to this number from their mobile number registered with the bank.
  • Once a user sends the above message, a list of about 10 menu options appears to him on the mobile.
  • To continue, users have to Type either ‘Fastag’ or the menu option number
  • A list of further four menu options will appear.
  • Again users have to choose a menu option number to continue.

Benefits of using ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking

There are various benefits of ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking:

  • ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking services are available 24/7 x 365 and are also available on holidays.
  • WhatsApp Banking service of ICICI Bank can also be used by non-ICICI bank users.
  • ICICI Bank Credit card holders can block or unblock their credit through Whatsapp banking.
  • As ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking offers end-to-end encryption so it is completely safe and secure.
  • Apart from 8640086400 number, ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking is also available in Hindi language through another number i.e 9324953010

Other services offered by ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking

Apart from Fastag, ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking offers many other services to its users which are:

Check Account Balance

ICCI Bank users can check the balance in their bank account by using Whatsapp banking. For this they have to send any of the following messages to the above-mentioned mobile number:

bal, ac bal, acc bal, balance, account balance, my balance, check balance, my bal, check bal

After typing any of the above keywords and sending it to the Whatsapp banking number of ICICI Bank, all the details about the balance in their account will be sent to Whatsapp.

Check Last three transactions History

ICICI Bank users can check the history and all the details about their last 3 transactions made through their account by typing any of the below keywords and sending it to the above-mentioned number from their Whatsapp.

stmt, txn, history, transaction, mini statement, transaction history, check statement

Check Credit Card Limit

With the help of ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking, users can also get details about the outstanding balance in their credit card and also the available limit in the credit card by typing any of the below keywords and sending it to the Whatsapp banking number.

credit card limit, limit, cc limit, credit balance, credit card balance, cc balance

Block or Unblock Credit/Debit card

If any customer of ICICI Bank wants to block or unblock his credit/debit card, then for this they don’t have to visit the branch of the bank. Now they can do it through Whatsapp banking by typing any of the following keywords:

block, unblock, block unblock, block my card, unblock my card, lost my card, card was stolen, found my card, hotlist, dehotlist

Apply for Instant loans

ICICI bank account holders can also apply for instant loans through Whatsapp banking and the process is the same, they just need to type any of the below keywords:

loan, home loan, personal loan, educational loan, car loan, bike loan, auto loan, instant loans

Open an instant saving account

Whatsapp banking of ICICI bank also gives the facility to open a saving account instantly in just a few minutes. The keywords for opening InstaSave Account with ICICI bank are:

instasave, open instasave account, open ac / open account, savings acc, insta savings

Open Fixed Deposit

Another feature of Whatsapp banking of ICICI Bank Whatsapp banking is that users can open Fixed deposits (FD) to make savings for their future. Users can open a Fixed Deposit by typing any of the following keywords

FD, Fixed Deposit

Make Bill Payment

ICICI Bank customers now have no need to go to the respective office to pay the bills of electricity, Gas, water bills, etc. Users can also make the payment of Mobile Postpaid through Whatsapp banking.

Use any of the following keywords for making the bill payments through Whatsapp banking

Pay bills, Electricity, Gas, Mobile Postpaid

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