IDFC First Bank Fastag Customer Portal – Toll Free Number & Email

For making toll payments at the toll plazas in India, now you need to have a Fastag device installed on the windshield of your vehicle. You can buy this Fastag from many banks including IDFC First Bank. You can get Fastag from IDFC Bank online through their official portal or by visiting any nearest branch of this bank.

There are many problems that you may have to face regarding your Fastag. As mentioned above there are many service providers in India from where you can buy a new Fastag for your vehicle. Because there is a huge selection of Fastag providers so you may sometimes get confused about which provider to choose for buying a Fastag device.

The key factor in choosing any service provider including one that sells Fastag is to select the one which offers the best customer support services. When it comes to customer support service then IDFC Bank comes on top of the list which has the best customer help center.

IDFC Bank Fastag Customer Portal

IDFC Bank has a dedicated customer care portal that Fastag users can take benefit of when they have any problems related to their Fastag account. In case of any problem related to Fastag purchased from IDFC Bank, you can take the help of their customer care.

The many problems that an IDFC bank Fastag user may come across are listed below.

  • How to Buy a New Fastag or Create a new Fastag account.
  • How to activate Fastag purchased from IDFC Bank
  • How to Recharge IDFC First Bank Fastag
  • How to Check the balance of IDFC Bank Fastag
  • How to reactivate a blacklisted IDFC Bank Fastag

Users can contact the Customer Portal of IDFC Bank for a solution of any of these problems.

To take the services of the IDFC Bank Customer Portal, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open the official customer portal of IDFC Bank from here
  • The above portal is for the existing corporate customers of IDFC Bank.
  • IDFC Bank has recently launched a Fastag Customer portal for their new and Retail customers which can be accessed from here
  • After opening the IDFC Bank Customer portal through the above link you can perform various activities related to Fastag.
  • You can log in to your IDFC Bank Fastag account by entering your account details under the ‘Customer Login’ option.
  • You will also see an ‘Unblock/Activate User ID’ option to activate or reactivate your IDFC Bank Fastag.
  • To check the balance in your IDFC Bank Fastag, you can click on the ‘Check Tag Balance’ option.

When it comes to ways in which you can contact the customer support service of IDFC Bank Fastag, then there are a few other options also available at IDFC Bank other than Customer Portal and these options are:

IDFC Bank Fastag Customer Care Number: 18002669970

IDFC Bank provides a dedicated phone number for resolving the Fastag-related queries of its customers. By calling this number, you can have direct interaction with the customer support executive and explain your problem quickly and get a solution for your problem easily.

IDFC Bank Fastag Customer Care Email: etollservices[@]

The customer support service of IDFC Bank Fastag can also be contacted through the above email. By explaining your problem related to Fastag in detail in your message box and sending it to this email, you are likely to get the answer from the IDFC Bank customer support in sometimes during working hours.

Although Telephone support and email are good ways of contacting the customer support of IDFC these are not available all day because of the fixed working hours. Therefore to get a quicker solution to your Fastag-related problems, IDFC Bank Customer Portal is undoubtedly the best.

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