Make Fuel Payment through ICICI Bank Fastag at HPCL and IOCL outlets

For the last some time, Fastag has benefitted four-wheeler vehicle owners in many ways. For example, it has shortened the time of Toll payment at the toll plazas because with the help of Fastag the toll fees are paid automatically and the vehicle owners don’t have to wait in the queues.

Apart from making the toll payments at the toll plazas, the Fastag provides many other services now, for example, it can be used for making the fuel payment at the petrol pumps.

The Government of India and NHAI have planned to increase the popularity of Fastag by adding many other features into it. One such feature is the cashless payment at the fuel stations through Fastag.

This cashless method of making the fuel payment will change the way refueling is done in vehicles. This new system of fuel payment will be beneficial for the companies also who provide their vehicles for use by their employees or pay the fuel charges to them because by paying the payment with Fastag, the companies will be able to keep track of exact expenditures of the fuels by the employees who are using the vehicle of that company.

ICICI Bank Partnership with Indian Oil

Recently ICICI Bank has made a Partnership with Indian Oil through which the Fastag users who have purchased their Fastag from ICICI Bank will be able to pay for refueling their vehicle at various petrol pumps of Indian Oil across the Country.

With this partnership between ICICI Bank Fastag and Indian Oil, the number of petrol pumps that are enabled to receive the fuel (Petrol, Diesel, Gas) payment through Fastag is around 3000. It means the ICICI Bank Fastag users can now refuel their vehicle with Fastag pre-paid wallet at 3000 retail outlets(Petrol Pumps) of Indian Oil Corporation.

The payment for refueling your vehicle is charged from the ICICI Bank Fastag account and an SMS is sent as a notification on your registered mobile number which confirms the payment of refilling the oil.

So this agreement between ICICI Bank and Indian Oil will boost the use of cashless payment for oil Filling at the petrol pumps.

Since the launch of Fastag in India and making it mandatory after 15 Feb 2021, a lot of innovations and expansions are done into the type of services that are offered by it by keeping in mind the satisfaction of the customers.

Indian Oil authorities released an official statement on 18 July 2021, in which they announced that “The deal between banking sector giant i.e ICICI Bank and Indian Oil which is one of the largest fueling company in India, will totally remove the scope of manual interference at the petrol pumps for the fuel payment. In this statement the officials of Indian Oil said, the vehicle owners will now be able to enjoy the fully digital facility at the fuel stations in India which will reduce the waiting time at the fuel stations like the way Fastag has reduced the waiting time for toll payment at the toll plazas.

Benefits of Fuel Payment through ICICI Bank Fastag

ICICI Bank Fastag customers will be able to get various benefits by making the fuel payment through their Fastag account. Some of these benefits are:

  • Making the fuel payment through ICICI Bank Fastag is safe and very fast.
  • By eliminating the use of cash payment, the travelers will be able to travel without any hurdles and obstacles.
  • A text message notification will be sent on the registered mobile number of ICICI Bank Fastag users once the fuel payment is deducted from their account.
  • By making the fuel payment digitally through Fastag will help in dealing with tax evasion as the Government will be able to trace all the transactions which was earlier not possible while making the payment through cash.

How to make Fuel Payment through ICICI Bank Fastag at HPCL/IOCL Fuel Outlet

As per the statement by Indian Oil, the Fastag users of ICICI Bank will have to follow a process if they want to make the fuel payment through their Fastag account. The steps that they have to follow in this process are mentioned below:

  • First of all the ICICI Bank Fastag users will have to inform the employee or attendant at a particular Fuel station of Indian oil that they want to make the fuel payment through their Fastag account.
  • When you inform the attendant at the petrol pump, then he will scan the Fastag pasted on your vehicle.
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, once he scans your Fastag.
  • You will have to tell this OTP to the attendant or have to insert it into the POS machine by yourself.
  • After entering this OTP, your transaction for refueling in your vehicle will be completed and the money will be deducted from your Fastag account.
  • You will be confirmed the successful transaction and fuel payment through an SMS that will be sent on your mobile.

How to Make Fuel Payment through HP Pay App

  1. Open ‘HP PAY’ app
  2. Scan the Qr code provided by the orperator
  3. Choose ‘Product’ and select ‘submit
  4. Enter the ‘amount’ and select ‘PAY Now’ through FASTag
  5. Enter the transaction OTP and confirm for a successful payment

Eligibility for making Fuel Payment through Fastag

  • To get this facility of making the fuel payment at the petrol pumps through Fastag, you must have purchased Fastag from ICICI bank i.e your Fastag must be linked with the ICICI Bank.
  • This facility can only be availed at the petrol pumps of Indian Oil
  • Initially, 3000 petrol pumps of Indian Oil have been allowed to receive the fuel payment through Fastag.

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