How to Check FASTag Balance in Airtel App

Nobody likes to wait in the queues for paying the toll fees when they visit any toll plaza. Technology is improving day by day and everything in the world including India is becoming digital. Fastag is a system that is a step towards this digitalization. Fastag was launched by NHAI i.e National Highways Authority of India.

Fastag is a convenient way of making toll payments. When you reach any toll plaza in India and have a Fastag on your vehicle, then the electronic systems of the toll plaza record the Fastag and charges the toll fees from it. During all this process you don’t have to stop and you can avoid the queues.

Here in this, we will explain, how you can check the balance in your Fastag through Airtel App, but before that, we are going to given a short overview of how a Fastag works, where to purchase it, etc.

How Fastag Works?

Fastag is a small device that comes in the form of an adhesive sticker. This sticker is pasted on the windshield of your vehicle like Car, Jeep, Van, Bus, etc. Radio Frequency Identification technology i.e RFID used in the Fastag device helps in the automatic payment of toll plazas. The toll fees are by default debited from your Fastag prepaid wallet.

When a Fastag is pasted on a vehicle and that vehicle approaches any toll plaza, then the antennas or scanners at the toll plaza detect the Fastag through Radio Frequency Identification technology. The transaction is activated i.e money is charged from the balance in your Fastag account and the barrier is raised up which lets you cross the toll plaza.

How to get a Fastag through Airtel App

A new Fastag can be requested offline or online directly from many affiliated banks in India like HDFC Bank, SBI, Axis Bank, from Point of Sales locations, petrol pumps, Toll plazas, and from mobile payments services like Airtel Payments Bank.

To get a Fastag from Airtel Payments Bank, you can either visit the official website of Airtel or can apply it through the Airtel App. You can apply a Fastag from Airtel App by following the below steps

  • Open and log in Airtel App on your mobile phone.
  • Look for the ‘NETC Fastag’ option in the Airtel App.
  • Enter your vehicle details i.e Vehicle’s Registration number
  • Now you have to upload clearly scanned copy of the Front and back of your vehicle’s RC.
  • Upload KYC documents like Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Driving license, etc.
  • Enter your physical address where you want the Fastag to be delivered.
  • Make the required payment for applying the Fastag using any of the payment methods.
  • Then click on the submit button and you are done with applying a Fastag through Airtel App.

Steps to check Fastag balance in Airtel App

Fastag is a very useful system that is launched by NHAI that allows vehicle owners to conveniently pay the toll payment. Fastag has gained popularity very quickly as it has changed the way toll fees are paid at the toll plazas. Those who frequently travel through national Highways are now able to save a lot of time due to the use of Fastag.

Anyone having a four-wheeled vehicle can apply a Fastag and use it on their vehicle for making electronic payment of toll. In order to conveniently pay the toll fees through Fastag, there must be enough balance in it, so that the automatic deduction of toll fees can happen.

Therefore checking the balance in your Fastag becomes very important which can be done in many ways. One of the simplest ways of checking the balance in your Fastag purchased from any bank or mobile payment service provider is through Airtel App.

Checking the Fastag balance has now become very easy as you can do it from your mobile phone with the help of the Airtel App. The main advantage of checking the Fastag balance by using the Airtel App is that you can do it anytime and anywhere.

Follow the below steps to check the balance in your Fastag through Airtel App.

  • Open the Airtel App on your smartphone.
  • Log in to the Airtel App, if you are not already Logged in.
  • After login, you have to find the ‘NETC Fastag’ section.
  • When you click on the ‘NETC Fastag’, you have to the registration number of your vehicle.
  • Once you enter your vehicle registration number, you will enter it into your Fastag profile.
  • Here you can see the balance in your Fastag account.

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