How To Use Fastag To Pay Parking Fees

Fastag was mainly launched as an electronic Toll Collection system by NHAI in 2014. It was made necessary for all four-wheeler vehicles in 2021 to pay the toll tax only through Fastag. There are dedicated lanes at the Toll plazas and the four-wheeler vehicle owners have to enter these Fastag lanes to make the cashless payment of toll. The sensors at the toll plazas detect the Fastag on your vehicle that is pasted on the windscreen. Radio Frequency Identification technology i.e RFID helps the sensors to detect the Fastag on vehicles and as a result, the Toll payment is paid automatically and all this transaction happens completely cashless.

Although Fastag was initially started Only for paying Toll fees at the toll plazas the Government of India has decided to add many more features into Fastag by collaborating with NHAI. So with the help of Fastag, now you can perform various tasks like making Petrol payments at the Petrol Pumps. The latest service that has been added to the list of services provided by Fastag is the possibility to pay parking fees at some major parking stations in India.

The main motive of adding this feature into the Fastag is to promote the cashless and contactless payment of Parking Fees. Before this feature, the parking fees are usually paid through cash, credit, or debit cards. Although making parking payments through cards is cashless but it can’t be considered fully touchless. Therefore Govt. of India added these features into the Fastag.
By reading the above information, you must have an idea that Fastag is a device that allows us to pay the toll tax automatically and without waiting in long lines.

Here in this article, we will know, how it is possible to pay parking fees at various parking centers across India. With Fastag now you can pay the parking fees without having to carry the cash.

With the help of Fastag, the parking fees can be paid without cash at a few airports, malls, and some other places in some major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Chandigarh, etc.

Benefits of Paying Parking Fees through Fastag

By paying the Parking Fees through Fastag, the users have various benefits. Some of these benefits are as below:

  • Since the Parking fees are paid automatically through the Fastag device, so you have no need to wait in the queues while entering or exiting parking centers.
  • There is no need to carry cash with you.
  • There is no need to collect the parking entrance receipt when you pay through Fastag.
  • The users don’t require any separate recharging for paying Parking Fees through Fastag as the money is deducted from your current Fastag wallet account.
  • No extra fees will be deducted from your Fastag account.

List of Parking Centers in India accepting Fastag

Paying parking fees through Fastag is in its initial stage and there are only a few places across India that are accepting parking fees through Fastag. But this is expanding regularly and in the coming few days we can expect many more places that will start collecting parking fees automatically through Fastag. The main parking centers in major cities of India where you can pay parking fees through Fastag are mentioned below:

Parking Plaza city Parking Plaza state Concessionaire Parking Plaza Name
Trivandrum Kerala ELVICTO Park Center Technopark
Mumbai Maharashtra Park Plus One BKC
Chandigarh Punjab Secure Parking Elante Mall
Trivandrum Kerala Anantham Online Pvt Ltd Tvm Central Main Parking
Trivandrum Kerala KIMS hospital KIMS hospital
Khalapur Maharashtra Ocean Highway Facilities Truck Terminals
Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh Park Plus Pacific Mall PARKING PLAZA
Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh Chandana Brothers Multicomplex CMR Central Mall
New Delhi Delhi PARIVOM TECHNOLOGIES Select City Walk Mall
Bengaluru Karnataka H K S Services Sakra World Hospital
Mumbai Maharashtra Parivom Technologies Pheonix Market City
Open Open DMRC Kashemere Gate Metro
Bangalore Karnataka Brookefield Brookefield Mall
Gurugram Haryana Spaze i-Tech Park Toll Plaza
Hyderabad Telangana RGIA-Car Park

How to Pay Parking Fees with Fastag

The process of paying parking fees through Fastag is very simple. You just have to follow the below steps

  • You must have a Fastag attached to your vehicle and it must be correctly positioned so that the scanners at the parking centers scan them easily.
  • There are dedicated lanes at the parking centers. You have to enter any of these dedicated lanes for paying parking fees.
  • By entering the dedicated parking lanes, the scanners scan the Fastag and the parking fees will be charged from your Fastag.
  • Collecting the packing slip is not necessary.
  • Exit can also be done through the dedicated exit lanes at the parking centers.

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