How to Replace Damaged Fastag using Paytm

There are many situations when you have to replace or apply a new Fastag for your vehicle. Some of the reasons why you have to replace your Fastag device are as below:

  • Your Fastag sticker has been physically damaged
  • Your Fastag has been stolen or lost due to some reason.
  • The windscreen or front glass of your vehicle is broken etc.

If you have a vehicle and are using Fastag on it, then you must want to know, what to do if any of the above situations happen. In this article, we will explain in detail, how you can change or replace your damaged Fastag through Paytm.

If you are unaware of what is a Fastag, then we will give a brief overview of Fastag and how to use it.

To save the four-wheeler vehicles from queues at the toll plazas, a Fastag device was implemented, which a Radio Frequency Identification technology i.e RFID based device. Fastag was made mandatory for all vehicles after 15 Feb 2021 and it is now used at all the toll plazas in India.

Fastag is mounted on the windscreen of your vehicle and when you approach any toll plaza, the scanners installed at the toll plazas scan the Fastag on your vehicle. Once your Fastag is scanned, the Toll Tax is deducted automatically from the Fastag account.

How to Replace Damaged Fastag using Paytm?

Fastag is unique for each vehicle and only one Fastag is issued for a vehicle. So if your Fastag is damaged or lost, then you can’t use any other vehicle’s Fastag on your vehicle. You have to apply for a new Fastag or send a request for Fastag replacement.

India’s leading mobile payment service provider Paytm, not only allows vehicle owners to apply a new Fastag, but they can also replace their damaged Fastag through Paytm. If your Fastag is damaged or not working, then you get a new Fastag through Paytm by providing the required documents like ID proof, Registration Certificate (RC) of vehicle, etc. You can also use the already registered details or documents for getting a new Fastag in case of damage.

You can easily get your Fastag replaced through Paytm sitting at your home by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, you have to open Paytm on your computer or mobile.
  • After opening Paytm you will see the ‘Contact Us’ option.
  • You will have to generate the Fastag replacement request through this option.
  • You have to write in full detail about the reason to replace the Fastag.
  • Also mention details like the Vehicle Registration number for which the old Fastag was issued, Tag ID, a mobile number linked to the Fastag, etc.
  • Once you provide all the above details, send the message to Paytm customer support.
  • Your damaged Fastag will now be replaced by giving nominal fees of just Rs. 100

There is another way to apply for the replacement of your Fastag and you can do it through Paytmmall by following the below steps.

Visit the Paytmmall official Fastag replacement portal by clicking here:

  • After visiting the above, you will have to first enter the vehicle’s registration number against which the Fastag was issued earlier.
  • Now you have to upload the Front and Back copy of the vehicle’s RC.
  • Then you will have to click on the ‘Proceed to Pay button.
  • Make the payment of Rs. 100 and click on ‘Continue’
  • The request for replacing your damaged Fastag will be sent.
    You will get your new Fastag within a few days.

Damaged Fastag Replacement Fees

As mentioned above you have to pay a very small amount of Rs. 100 for getting your damaged Fastag replaced through Paytm. The breakup of this fee is as below:

  • Tag Issuance Fee – Rs. 84.75
  • GST On Tag Issuance Fee – Rs. 15.25
  • Fastag Balance – 0

What Happens to the Balance if Fastag is Damaged?

Many Fastag holders want to know, what happens to the remaining balance in case the Fastag is lost or damaged. You can easily create or replace your damaged Fastag by providing the documents and your details through Paytm. If you have purchased Fastag from any other bank or service provider, then you can visit the nearest branch of the bank for getting your Fastag replaced.

When you receive a new Fastag in replacement of your damaged Fastag, then the balance pending in your old Fastag is transferred automatically into the new Fastag. Although the Fastag is valid for five years, there is no validity of the balance in it. This balance amount in your Fastag remains valid for a lifetime.

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