What is Hotlisted Fastag and how to activate it?

When you enter your vehicle number while applying a new Fastag for your vehicle, you may get an error that your Fastag is Hotlisted. When you already have a Fastag, then still the issue of Hotlist Fastag may occur. When you go to a toll plaza while having a Fastag device installed on your vehicle and try to make the toll payment but are not able to do so because your Fastag is Hotlisted.

Different Reasons for Hotlisted Fastag

When you arrive at a toll plaza and the scanner at that particular toll plaza tries to read the Fastag on your vehicle, then you will not be able to make the payment because of Hotlisted or blocked Fastag. The bar at the toll plaza does not rise when you reach there in your vehicle. There are many reasons why your vehicle’s Fastag is Hotlisted.

  • When you purchase a new Fastag for the vehicle but have not activated it yet, then it may show a Hotlisted error while making payment at the toll plaza.
  • If there is not enough balance maintained in your Fastag.
    KYC is incomplete because of many reasons like KYC documents not uploaded properly or documents are not scanned clearly.
  • You have just recharged your Fastag a few minutes before crossing a toll plaza but the account balance is not updated in it.
  • Your vehicle has a challan for violating the traffic rules.
  • Sometimes hotlisted Fastag errors may also occur when the scanner system at the toll plaza is faulty.

How to activate Hotlisted Fastag?

If your Fastag purchased from any bank including HDFC, ICICI Bank, SBI, Kotak, etc is deactivated or Hotlisted, then you can reactivate it by following the below steps:

If your Fastag is hotlisted because of a low balance then you can activate it immediately by recharging with the minimum required amount.

If your Fastag is hotlisted for some other reasons, then there are many ways to reactivate it, which we will discuss here.

  • First of all, you have to find out the Fastag customer support email ID of the bank or provider that has issued Fastag for your vehicle.
  • Then you have to write an email with all your concerns and request to remove Fastag from the hotlist.
  • Once you have composed an email and sent it to your Fastag service provider, they will look into the matter and reply as soon as possible and Fastag will likely be removed from the hotlist quickly.
  • Most Fastag issuers have dedicated customer support through telephone for resolving all problems of customers including hotlisted Fastag. So you can call the customer support of your Fastag provider and they will help you rapidly to reactivate your Fastag.

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