How to Check Fastag Balance with Vehicle Number

Fastag is an electronic system for the automatic payment of toll tax when your vehicle passes through toll plazas. It is a very useful device for those who travel often and for those who have to pass through toll plazas on the National Highways. Anyone who purchases a Fastag gets a small sticker type of device and has to attach it to the windscreen of their vehicle.

This Fastag device allows the driver to cross through dedicated lanes and be automatically charged for the cost of the toll tax, without having to stop at the toll plazas every time.

There are many benefits of the Fastag device. In addition to offering the possibility to skip queues and traffic, is to conveniently control all online expenses, monitor all transactions of toll tax, etc.

The base of Fastag is the RFID technology which stands for Radio Frequency Identification technology. This RFID technology enables the Fastag device to be detected by the scanners installed at the toll plazas. When your vehicle approaches toll plazas, then these scanners detect the Fastag and the toll payment is automatically debited from your Fastag wallet.

So the working of a Fastag device can be summarized as below:

  • When Fastag comes nears toll plazas, then the scanners catch the signals emitted by RFID technology of the Fastag device.
  • The scanner detects the vehicle, records its details, and money is deducted from your Fastag account.
  • After the money is deducted, the toll barrier is raised up and you can continue your journey.

Steps to check Fastag balance with Vehicle number

Since Fastag is a prepaid device it needs to be recharged regularly. Fastag was launched by the National Highways Authority of India and it was mandatory for all vehicles to have Fastag after 15 Feb 2021 in order to make the toll payment. Fastag can be purchased from many banks like SBI, ICICI, HDFC bank, and mobile payment applications like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc.

NHAI has decided that it is necessary to maintain a minimum balance in Fastag purchased from any service provider. If a user is not able to maintain a minimum balance in his/her Fastag account then he will not be allowed to enter the dedicated Fastag lanes of toll plazas. They will have to enter the non-Fastag lane and will have to pay double toll tax. Therefore it is necessary for the vehicle owners to avoid negative balance in their Fastag. For this, they should check the balance in their Fastag continuously.

There are many ways to check the balance in Fastag. Here in this article, we will explain how you can check the balance in your Fastag using your vehicle number.

Checking Fastag balance with vehicle number through MyFastag app

NHAI has launched a dedicated mobile app named MyFastag app through which you can perform many Fastag related tasks like recharging Fastag, checking Fastag balance, etc. The feature of checking the balance in your Fastag has been recently added by NHAI into the MyFastag app. Through this feature, Fastag users can check their Fastag balance status easily by entering the vehicle number.

Follow the below steps to check the balance in your Fastag with vehicle number through MyFastag.

  • Download and install the MyFastag app on your mobile.
  • After installing, make a login into the app by entering your username/login id and password.
  • Once you are logged in, then you will have to enter your vehicle number.
  • You can now easily check the balance in the Fastag linked to that vehicle number.

MyFastag app also gives the option to check the balance in your Fastag through various color codes. Various color codes are assigned to indicate the balance status in your Fastag.

  • For example, after login into the MyFastag app, if you see Green Color, then it means that there is sufficient balance in your Fastag.
  • If the MyFastag app shows an Orange color, then it indicates that there is a low balance in it and you need to add more money into your Fastag account.
  • The ‘Red’ color indicates that there is zero balance in your Fastag and your Fastag has been blacklisted. It means you need to recharge your Fastag as soon as possible.

Checking Fastag balance with vehicle number through the website

Another option to check the balance in your Fastag with vehicle number is through the official website of the bank or any other service provide, for which you can follow the below steps:

  • Visit the official Fastag portal of your Fastag issuer bank.
  • Login into the website by entering your credentials i.e login details.
  • When you are logged into the official website of your Fastag service provider, you can check your Fastag account details.
  • Here you will find the option to enter the vehicle number for which you want to check the Fastag balance.
  • The Fastag balance will now be displayed to you.
  • You can also check all the transaction history and also download the statement of all the transactions done from your Fastag account.

Checking Fastag balance with vehicle number through Customer care number

All Fastag service providers have dedicated customer care or helpline numbers for any Fastag related issues. Fastag users can contact this customer care number of their Fastag issuer bank if they have any problems or queries for the Fastag.

Fastag users can also check the balance in their Fastag wallet easily by contacting the customer support team. They simply have to dial the customer care number of their Fastag issuer and they will be connected to a customer care executive. Users have to tell the executive that they want to know the balance in their Fastag. The customer support person will ask you to provide your vehicle number. Upon giving him the vehicle number they will instantly tell you the balance left in your Fastag.

If your Fastag is linked with NHAI, then you can also call the toll-free customer number of NHAI i.e 1033 to know the balance in your Fastag.

Checking Fastag balance with vehicle number through SMS

Some Fastag service providers also give you the option to check the balance in your Fastag with vehicle number through SMS service. With this service, the Fastag users have to send an SMS to a particular number of that bank with their vehicle number. The format of this SMS is like this:
SMS <ETCBAL Vehicle Registration Number XXXXXXX>.

For example, suppose you have purchased a Fastag from ICICI Bank and your vehicle number is UK02 3294, then to check the balance in your Fastag through vehicle number you have to send the following message to this number 801092888.

SMS <ETCBAL Vehicle Registration Number UK02 3294>.

If you have purchased Fastag from any other bank, then you simply have to send the above SMS to the dedicated SMS service number of that bank.

When you send the above message, then the balance in your Fastag will be sent to your registered mobile number in the form of a text message. This message will contain all the details about the pending balance in your Fastag.

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  1. It’s not mentioned how does it operate. Like if my balance is Rs 200 how does it work.?
    In Rs 200 what amount is reserved for fast tag balance ?
    I guess it must be Rs 150 to cross Rajiv Gandhi sea link it deducts Rs 87.50 one way fare ,
    So now my balance is Rs 112.50 ,so while returning back will Rs 42.5 will be deducted from fast tag balance ? If It doesn’t than what ?
    How does it work when balance is ZERO.


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