What is Fastag Wallet ID – How to Login and Recharge

Fastag is a device that is used as an electronic toll collection system at the toll plazas. Fastag is beneficial for all who travel through Highways very frequently. With the use of Fastag, vehicle owners can drive comfortably and fastly. This quick movement of vehicles at the toll plazas is possible because the Toll Fee is automatically deducted from your Fastag account when the Fastag device installed on your vehicle comes in contact with the sensors of the Toll Plazas.

Fastag sticker is placed on the windshield of four-wheeler vehicles so that the scanners at toll plazas can easily read it. The Toll fees are automatically charged up from your Fastag account and the barrier at the toll plazas is lifted within few seconds when a vehicle owner enters the dedicated lanes.

What is Fastag Wallet ID?

Anyone having an account in a bank or any website must know what is a Customer ID. The Customer ID is basically a string of numbers that are given by banks or any website to users so that they easily know about their users. Customer IDs are not only given by banks but many other service providers like Paytm, Google Pay, etc also provide Customer IDs to the users. An ID is mainly issued by any servicer provider so that they easily know about their users.

Fastag wallet ID is like Customer ID which is issued by Fastag service providers to the Fastag users. Fastag Wallet ID is a unique number that is given to the Fastag users to identify them.

Fastag Wallet ID is different for each user. It is a 14 digit number that a Fastag user gets when he receives Fastag from any bank like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, or any mobile payment services like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc. This 14 digit Unique Wallet ID is sent to the Fastag users on their registered email id or mobile number.

Benefits of Fastag Wallet ID:

There are many benefits of Fastag Wallet ID and these are:

  • Wallet ID is used by banks to uniquely identify its Fastag customers.
  • Wallet ID can be used to login into your Fastag Account.
  • Wallet ID can be used to recharge into your Fastag.

How to get Fastag Wallet ID

Follow the below steps to get a Unique Fastag Wallet ID

  • Apply the Fastag from any bank that is permitted by NHAI to issue Fastag.
  • Fill in the application form, attach the necessary documents and make the Payment.
  • Now submit the application form of getting new Fastag.
  • When you submit the Fastag application form the new Fastag will be sent to the address that you mentioned in the Form.
  • The Fastag is a device that comes in the form of a sticker and is sent to your physical address through Post or Courier.
  • Along the Fastag sticker received, you will also receive a Welcome Letter in which all the following information is mentioned:
  1. Fastag Customer ID
  2. Vehicle Number
  3. Wallet ID
  • So you will now have access to your 14 digits Fastag wallet that starts with 17 and has this format 17xxxxxxxxxxx.

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, your Fastag wallet is also helpful in activating your new Fastag.

How to Login Fastag account using Wallet ID

You can also use your Wallet ID to Login into your Fastag account and follow the below steps for this

  1. Visit the official Fastag portal of your Fastag issuing bank.
  2. Click on the Login Option.
  3. Here you will see User ID and Password fields.
  4. In User ID field, enter your 14 digit Wallet ID and then enter your password.
  5. You will now be logged into your Fastag account using wallet ID.

How to recharge Fastag using Wallet ID

You can log in to your Fastag account and recharge it using Wallet ID. Follow the below steps to recharge Fastag using Wallet ID.

  1. First of all login into the net banking of your Fastag issuing bank.
  2. After login to Netbanking, you will see Pay Option
  3. Under this Pay option, you have to choose ‘Fastag.
  4. Click on the Pay tab after entering your Wallet ID.
  5. Enter the amount that you want to add to your Fastag account.
  6. Make the recharge Payment and your Fastag recharge will be successful using Wallet ID.

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