Online FASTag Recharge

Vehicle owners can now travel all over India through National Highways rapidly with a new device known as Fastag. Fastag is a rechargeable prepaid device that helps vehicle owners to pay the toll tax automatically at the toll plazas.

The main objective of our website is to provide complete information about Fastag recharge. Before explaining everything about how to recharge your Fastag device, whats are the best platforms to recharge your Fastag, and other details about recharging Fastag, we will give a brief overview of what is Fastag.

What is a Fastag?

If you have a four-wheeler vehicle and are tired of waiting in the long lanes to exit the toll plazas, then the Fastag device is for you. Fastag is an electronic toll collection system developed by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways along with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). Fastag helps you to pay the toll tax at toll plazas with automatic devices.

Fastag was made mandatory for all vehicles in India on 15 February 2021. Before the implementation of Fastag, vehicle owners had to waste time looking for money in their wallets or have to keep changing money with them.

Fastag device is attached to the windscreen of your vehicle from inside and allows you to pay for the toll plazas using the dedicated lanes.

Fastag Recharge

Fastag works on Radio Frequency Identification Technology i.e RFID. This RFID technology is of two types: one is known as Active RFID and the second is known as Passive RFID.

The active RFID technology is used in the sensors at the toll plazas and Passive RFID technology is used in the Fastag device attached to your vehicle. When your vehicle comes to the contact of sensors at toll plazas, then the passive RFID of Fastag is activated emits signals which are caught by the active RFID technology of sensors at the toll plazas. The Fastag device on your vehicle has detected these sensors and the toll payment is automatically debited from your prepaid rechargeable Fastag device.

For making the automatic payment of toll tax to happen, you have to recharge your Fastag regularly which can be done in many ways.

There are many options and service providers through which you can recharge your Fastag. There are more than 30 banks which providers the facilities of purchasing a new Fastg. We have listed these Fastag issuing banks in the below table.

Bank Issuing Fastag in India

Airtel Payments Bank Fastag Recharge Equitas small finance bank fastag Recharge
IDFC FIRST Bank Fastag Recharge PAYTM Payments Bank Fastag Recharge
State Bank of India Fastag Recharge  Axis Bank Fastag Recharge
Federal Bank Fastag Recharge Indusind Bank Fastag Recharge
Syndicate Bank Fastag Recharge Bank of Baroda Fastag Recharge
Karur Vysya (KVB) Bank Fastag Recharge Punjab National Bank (PNB) Fastag Recharge
Union Bank of India Fastag Recharge Canara Bank Fastag Recharge
HDFC Bank Fastag Recharge Kotak Mahindra Bank Fastag Recharge
City Union Bank Fastag Recharge ICICI Bank Fastag Recharge
South Indian Bank Fastag Recharge Bank of India (BOI) Fastag Recharge
Bank of Maharashtra Fastag Recharge Allahabad Bank Fastag Recharge
AU Small Finance Bank Fastag Recharge Central Bank of India Fastag Recharge
IDBI Bank Fastag Recharge Karnataka Bank Fastag Recharge
Indian Overseas Bank Fastag Recharge J&K Bank Fastag Recharge
Cosmos Bank Fastag Recharge

How to recharge Fastag Online?

If the balance is your Fastag device becomes zero or is low, then you won’t be able to make the toll payment and the toll barrier will not open. In such cases, you may have to pay double toll tax as a penalty. To avoid such kinds of situations, it is must maintain sufficient balance in your Fastag by recharging it immediately when there is a low balance in it.

Fastag holders can choose any of these platforms to recharge their Fastag. They can also choose one of many different modes of payment like Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, UPI, etc to recharge their Fastag depending upon their convenience.

Few platforms for recharging your Fastag are:

Apart from popular online payment applications as above, Fastag users can also recharge their Fastag through many banks.

Steps to Recharge Fastag Online

The steps to recharge your Fastag depends upon the platform you choose, but for most of the platforms, the process of recharging Fastag is similar with only a few changes. Below we are explaining step by step process to recharge Fastag online.

  • For recharging your Fastag, first of all, you have to open the official Fastag portal of the service provider from which you have purchased your Fastag.
  • After opening the Fastag portal, you have to enter Mobile no./Vehicle no./Wallet ID.
  • Then click on the ‘Submit’ option.
  • You will then receive an OTP on your registered mobile number which you can enter to log in.
  • Once you are logged into the Fastag portal, you will then see the balance in your Fastag account.
  • If the balance in your Fastag wallet is low, then you have to recharge it by clicking on the ‘Recharge’ option.
  • You will then have to enter the amount that you want your Fastag to be recharged with.
  • Now you will have to choose the mode of payment.
  • You can select Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking, UPI, etc as modes of payment.
  • When you choose the payment mode and complete the payment, then your Fastag will be recharged successfully.

What are the charges of Fastag?

While applying for a new Fastag device for your vehicle you have to pay some charges also, the details of which are given below:

  • When you fill application for a new Fastag, then you will have to give a tag issuance or joining fees of Rs. 100. This fee is the same for all service providers because it has been fixed by NHAI.
  • A security deposit starting from Rs. 200 will also have to be paid when you apply for a Fastag. This tag security fee is refundable and you get it back when you close your Fastag account.
  • In addition to the above cost, you will have to recharge your Fastag with a minimum balance also known as the threshold amount.

After receiving and activating your Fastag device, you can use it for making automatic toll payments at the toll plazas. You can recharge your Fastag account starting from Rs. 100 to a maximum of Rs. 1 lakh.

Best Fastag Recharge Apps

There are many mobile apps that let you recharge your Fastag easily and quickly through your smartphones. With the help of these apps, you can easily recharge your Fastag any time and anywhere. Below we have listed some of the best apps by using which you can recharge your Fastag.

Fastag recharge using Paytm app

You can recharge Fastag issued by any bank through Paytm for which you have to follow the below steps

  • Open the Paytm app on your mobile phone and scroll down a little.
  • A ‘Fastag Recharge’ option will be visible to you.
  • Choose this ‘Fastag Recharge’ option.
  • A new page will open up from where you have to select your Fastag issuing bank.
  • Here you will have to enter your vehicle’s registration number.
  • Next, you will have to click on the ‘Process’ button.
  • Make the recharge payment by choosing any desired payment method.
  • Once you Pay the recharge amount, your Fastag will be recharged using Paytm app.

Fastag Recharge using Google Pay App

You can also recharge your Fastag using Google Pay, but for that, your Fastag must be linked with Google Pay app. After linking your Fastag with Google Pay app, you can recharge it by following these steps.

  • Open Google Pay on your mobile phone.
  • By scrolling down a little, you will see the ‘Business & Bills’ option.
  • Here you will see the Fastag linked with Google Pay.
  • Click on this linked Fastag and then click on ‘Pay’ option.
  • Now enter the Fastag recharge amount.
  • Enter your vehicle number and click on ‘Pay’ button.
  • Now enter your UPI PIN and complete the payment.
  • Once payment is complete, your Fastag will be recharged using Google Pay app.

Fastag Recharge using MyFastag app

MyFastag is a mobile app which is launched by NHAI to provide various Fastag related services. By using MyFastag app you can apply a new Fastag. Apart from this, MyFastag app also gives you the facility of recharging your Fastag on the go. You can follow the below steps to recharge your Fastag through MyFastag app.

  • Download and install MyFastag app from Google Play store for Android or App store for iOS.
  • After installing MyFastag app, you have to login by entering your login details.
  • Once you are logged in, you will see a list of Fastag issuing banks.
  • From this list, select the bank from which you have purchased your Fastag.
  • You will see Fastag recharge option there.
  • Click on this option and enter the recharge amount.
  • Now choose any payment method like UPI, Credit card, debit card, etc to make the payment.
  • After making the payment, your Fastag recharge will be done using MyFastag app.

Fastag recharge your HDFC PayZapp

HDFC bank has a dedicated mobile app named PayZapp that makes it very easy for Fastag users to recharge theri Fastag. Follow the below steps to recharge your Fastag using PayZapp

  • After downloading and installing PayZapp app on your mobile, you will see ‘Recharge/BillPay’ section.
  • Click on the ‘Utility/BillPay section where you will see ‘Fastag’ icon.
  • From this app, you will be able to recharge only Fastag issued by HDFC Bank. So here you will have to select ‘HDFC Bank Fastag’ option.
  • Now fill the Vehicle Registration Number and Wallet ID>
  • In the next step, you have to click on Confirm tab.
  • Enter the recharge amount and make the payment.
  • When your payment is complete, then your Fastag will be recharged successfully using HDFC bank PayZapp.

Fastag recharge using ICICI Bank iMobile app

Follow the below steps to recharge Fastag using ICICI Bank iMobile app

  • Open and log in the iMobile app in your mobile phone.
  • From the drop-down list, select the ‘ICICI Fastag’
  • You will see ‘Fastag Recharge option.
  • After clicking the ‘Recharge’ option you have to enter your vehicle number.
  • Enter the amount that you want your Fastag to be reloaded with and then make the payment by choosing any of the given payment methods.
  • Once you verify the payment, your Fastag recharge will be done using ICICI Bank iMobile app.

How to activate blacklisted Fastag?

When there is not enough balance in your Fastag, then you will not be allowed to make the automatic toll payment at the toll plazas. The low or nill balance in your Fastag device may lead your Fastag to go in a situation known as blacklisted Fastag. When your Fastag becomes blacklisted, then it will be disabled and you can’t take the benefits offered by this electronic toll collection system.

Blacklisted Fastag results in paying double toll charges at the toll plazas and you may also have to pay a penalty.

There to avoid your Fastag becoming blacklisted, you should have enough balance in it. When your Fastag becomes blacklisted due to low balance, then you can reactivate it by recharging it through one of the above methods.

  1. How to Activate Blacklisted Airtel Payments Bank Fastag
  2. How to Activate Blacklisted Bank of Baroda (BOB) Fastag
  3. How to Activate Blacklisted Digipay Axis Bank Fastag
  4. How to Activate Blacklisted ICICI Bank Fastag
  5. How to Activate Blacklisted SBI Fastag
  6. How to Activate Blacklisted HDFC Fastag

Best Fastag recharge Cashback offers

Many leading Fastag service providers give various offers to the Fastag users after recharging the Fastag. Below we have mentioned some of the best Fastag recharge offers.

Paytm Fastag recharge offers – 10% Cashback

Paytm is one of the top online platforms that give the option to recharge Fastag easily and quickly. It also provides various offers when you recharge your Fastag through Paytm. Under this offer, the Fastag users will get a flat cashback of 10% upon recharging their Fastag through Paytm. The maximum cashback amount that the users can get is Rs. 50.

To avail of this cashback offer of 10%, users have to recharge their Fastag with a minimum amount of Rs. 100. Keep in mind that this cashback recharge offer is applicable only on your first recharge with Paytm. The cashback amount will be transferred to your account within 24 hours of recharging the Fastag.

PhonePe Fastag recharge Cashback offer

Recharging your Fastag through PhonePe is very simple. With the help of the PhonePe app, users can recharge their Fastag instantly and save time. PhonePe also runs several offers from time to time for its customers on recharging their Fastag. One such offer is the PhonePe Fastag recharge offer through which users can get extra cashback on their Fastag recharge.

PhonePe has done a collaboration with more than 26 banks to recharge the Fastag purchased from these banks. With the help of this partnership, users can now directly recharge their Fastag with these banks without the use of UPI payments. PhonePe is planning to expand this list of banks in the upcoming days.

The greatest benefit of this Fastag recharge offer by PhonePe is that you will get a certain amount of cashback upon recharging your Fastag through PhonePe.

ICICI Bank Fastag Recharge Offers – 5% Cashback

If you recharge your Fastag through ICICI Bank, then you will also get a cashback amount. This cashback amount is 5%. Upon recharging your Fastag through ICICI Bank, you will get a 5% cashback up to a maximum of Rs. 100. An important thing to note here is that this cashback offer is applicable only if you recharge your Fastag through the iMobile Pay app of ICICI Bank.

This cashback of 5% will be given only to the first 1000 users on daily basis and the cashback amount will be transferred to the users within 30 days of the recharge. A customer will be able to take the benefit of this offer only once. Also, you can claim this offer only if you have made a minimum Fastag recharge of Rs. 1500.

HDFC Bank/PayZapp Fastag Recharge Offers – 10% Cashback

HDFC Bank has come up with a great offer for the Fastag users who recharge their Fastag through the PayZapp mobile app of the bank. Under this offer, you will get a cashback of 10% up to Rs. 75 on recharge of your Fastag through PayZapp. During the offer period, if you recharge your Fastag with a minimum amount of Rs. 300, then you can get this cashback bonus of 10%.

Every month a user can claim this offer only one time and no promo code is needed to claim this cashback offer. This offer is applicable only for the HDFC Bank Fastag holders and for those users who have updated their PayZapp KYC. You also have no need to pay any additional fees or processing charges to avail this offer.

How to check Fastag Balance

How to Check Fastag Balance with Vehicle Number
How to Check FASTag Balance in Google Pay App
How to Check FASTag Balance in PhonePe App

Fastag Recharge Faqs

How do I recharge my FASTag?

Most of the vehicle owners have already installed Fastag on their vehicle after it was made compulsory on 15 Feb 2022, but many people are still unaware of how to recharge their Fastag.

There are lots of ways to recharge your Fastag. You can recharge your Fastag from mobile payment apps like Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc. You can also recharge your Fastag through the official Fastag portals of banks like SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank etc.

How does Fastag recharge work?

Fastag is a Radio Frequency Identification technology-enabled device that needs to be recharged for paying toll fees at the toll booths. When there is enough balance in your Fastag account, then the device is detected by the scanners at the toll plazas and the toll fees are automatically paid. But for that, your Fastag must be recharged all the time while crossing a toll plaza.

Can I recharge my FASTag from any bank?

As mentioned above you can also recharge your Fastag from many banks, but not all banks provide this service. So far around 30 banks have been authorized in India to provide the Fastag services to vehicle owners. You can recharge your Fastag by visiting the official website of these banks and reloading it to continue using the Fastag services at the toll plazas.

How can I recharge my FASTag without a login?

For recharging your Fastag usually you have to visit the official website of the bank or any other service provider. For recharging, you have to log in by entering your wallet ID/Customer ID and password. But sometimes you lost your wallet id or password. For such cases, we will let you know how to recharge Fastag without login.

You can visit any payment app like Paytm and enter the UPI ID of the bank from which you have purchased Fastag. This UPI is in this format Netc.VRN@hdfcbank. In place of VRN you have to enter your ‘Vehicle Registration Number’ and follow the further steps to make the payment.

So your Fastag recharge will now be done without login.

How can I recharge my FASTag without a car number?

Fastag is associated with a specific vehicle and it is unique for a vehicle. Therefore to recharge a Fastag you must have all the details related to your vehicle including the vehicle number. It is a must to have the car number in order to recharge the Fastag. So it is not possible to recharge your Fastag without a car or vehicle number.

Can we recharge FASTag with the vehicle number?

Yes, it is possible to recharge your Fastag with your vehicle number. Even if you forget the wallet id, password, or other login details of your Fastag account, you can still log in to your Fastag account by entering your Vehicle numbers. Once you log into your Fastag account, you can easily recharge your Fastag by using your vehicle number.

Can FASTag be recharged at the toll plaza?

No, you must have sufficient balance in your Fastag before you reach a toll plaza. You can’t recharge your Fastag immediately when you come near a toll plaza. Recharging your Fastag at the time of crossing the toll plaza is not possible, you may have to pay double toll charges if your Fastag is not already recharged.

What is the validity of the recharge amount in Fastag?

A Fastag is issued for 5 years. It remains valid for 5 years starting from the date of issuing, after which it has to be renewed again. But there is no limit or validity period for the balance amount in the Fastag. So it means that the recharge amount in Fastag remains valid for a lifetime.